Opening the Vault for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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Dear Friends,

Have you ever uttered those words, “Simply delicious!” after tasting something that made your taste buds dance and your mouth burst into song? Seriously, there is food out there like that! How incredibly wonderful is it when YOU are the one making food like that for your delighted audience? And how even more incredibly wonderful is it when the food is simple and easy to prepare and you’ve got a whole stash of recipes to bring your taste testing audience to a new level of enjoyment?

Listen, we have a WHOLE collection of recipes to do just that. Our Simply Delicious line is all about keeping it simple, delicious and amazing! None of these are even offered on our website–we’re opening the vault this one time to let you get a taste–

This yummy bundle includes–

Simply Delicious Casseroles
Simply Delicious Desserts
Simply Delicious Gourmet Salads
Simple Delicious Soups, Volume 1 & 2

50 incredible recipes in all, each one hand selected, kitchen tested and guaranteed to up your cooking prowess in the kitchen!  How does Smokin’ Chipotle Mac and Cheese, Green Apple and Strawberry Salad and Amigo Chicken Tortilla Soup sound? Maybe you’d like Chicken Parm Casserole, Thai Salad or Mocha Divine.

It’s not often we open the vault AND put it on sale, so you don’t want to miss this simply wonderful opportunity. All of these menus would retail for $50, but for a LIMITED time only (did you see that word in all caps??), we’re going to let you grab this deal for only $27!! That’s almost HALF OFF!!

Start enjoying a simply delicious summer!! !!! ==> $27 <== Don’t wait, click here ===> $27


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