BRAND NEW! Our OWN Smoothie Mix!!

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Dear Friends,

I am jumping up and down with excitement! It’s here, it’s here, it’s FINALLY here!!!We have our OWN product line of Smoothie Mixes and Fiber!!! SERIOUSLY!! I’m so excited, I just have to tell you about it right now while the ink still isn’t even dry on the labels, LOL!

This stuff is The Best and amazing, wait till you taste it!! smoothies
*No grit
*No nasty after taste
*No sludge
*PURE deliciousness!!
AND…best part? Only 2 bucks a day for a quality smoothie (that’s breakfast y’all!). How’s that for getting your day started right?

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!Check it out here ==> smoothies
But seriously, don’t delay. We have limited quantities, don’t want you to miss out!!
PS–I almost forgot!  I’ll send you my BRAND NEW Smoothie Ebook at zero cost to you when you order! Go here to get your Smoothie Mix now  before it’s gone!!!


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    1. HI Susan,
      The mix is vanilla flavored and isn’t green in color, or do you mean green as in environmentally friendly? If so please qualify what exactly you mean 🙂

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