Personal question (I asked myself this, too)

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful for everyone’s kind words about my weight loss.  You see the thing is, I just couldn’t give up on me.  I knew in my heart that taking back my body was worth it and I was determined to do just that.


Do you know that too?  That’s my question.

Do you know that despite everything – all the doubts and fears of falling, you just can’t give up on the healthier you that you know is locked inside.

Let me tell you just 1 thing:  EVEN 10 pounds matters.

Here’s what 10 less pounds can do for you:

– It can lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) by more than 10%
– It can reduce blood pressure and protect your heart and kidneys
– It results in a 50% risk reduction for heart attacks
– It can help sleep apnea patients allow air to flow better
– and you know what else? It’s a darn good start

Look, you may have more than 10 pounds to lose – I sure did, so I get it.  But once you’re in a rhythm, it’s so much easier…Right?

And if you’ve got an amazing community all around you, rooting you on EVERY day, every meal, every decision…And if the food was EASY.  And delicious.  And abundant…

I want you to do this ONE more time.

With me.  With us.

Just say yes. Join me. Join US.

Leanne (and everyone in the Take Back Your Body Community)

PS.  I believe in you.  Click here to learn more and get started with this fantastic new program.

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