• “I’m so excited to receive the menus. I’ve always said that if someone would plan the menus and make out my grocery list, making dinner for my family would be fun! Grocery shopping was actually fun this afternoon. I feel good about what my family will be eating this week. I’m about to make the tuna casserole!”

  • “I just wanted you to know how great an impact your efforts are having on our family. Dinnertime is so much more predictable. There are scrumptious leftovers. The pantry is stocked with actually useable foods. I am calmer. Dinner is 99% easier. THANK YOU!”

  • “I can’t thank you enough for this great ministry. We are all enjoying eating a new variety of things and it’s so nice not to have to figure it out each week. We watched you on QVC and I ordered a cookbook. You did a wonderful job. Thanks so much. I’m so thankful to have found you. God Bless You,”

  • “I came home late last Friday from a very hectic week at work to the delicious aroma of Enchilasagna…my husband had seen the shopping list and the recipies on the counter and decided to take it upon himself to make dinner!! This from a man who’s idea of cooking is Beef with Salt! I think this speaks volumes about the very wonderful service that you have offered to us… thanks so much!”