ALL NEW! Recipe box added!

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Dear Friends,I’m absolutely over the moon about our newest feature that we JUST added to Premium Menu-Mailer!
I’ve been waiting for this feature for several months! What is it? It’s a recipe box feature–a place where you can put any recipe you tried or menu you create that you loved to be used at a later date. It’s right there on the Premium dashboard so it’s easy to archive everything you want to without having to recreate it! How’s that for a great money and time saving feature?
If you’re a member, you’re going to LOVE it, if you’re not…what are you waiting for? 😉 Watch the short video, I’ll explain it to you and you can also see me actually use Premium Menu-Mailer. This thing ROCKS!
PS–I’ll show you exactly how I use Premium Menu-Mailer in this video, go watch now!

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