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Metabolic Aftershock

Dear Friends,

When it comes to exercise, sometime less is better than more!! My friend Dr. Jade Teta developed an amazing program called Metabolic Aftershock specifically for people who are going after specific results. He sent me a copy–wow, it’s great!! 3 times a week exercise, no weights (you use your own body weight) and get this 15 minutes at a time!Jade is amazing and super smart–he developed this program (and a few others) to counter all the crazy info out there.

I’m doing it–week one already done. You can get this immediately and try it yourself as well and get this–it’s only $37! You will get an online version AND the hard copy sent to you in the mail.

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  • Lindy

    I agree…really? The more I read, the more skeptical I became. I looked online for reviews…none. I DID find a site that said there were no reviews, good or bad. I clicked a couple of the googled links I found…more of the commercial and links where I could order. Biased? Uh huh. I’m disappointed that Leann even has this on her site. Easy enough to rent space. If she really believed, she’d have her own review/testimonial posted.

  • Barb May

    Ok, so here goes. The science is sound. I’ve had bariatric surgery and only lost 60 pounds. I’ve become weak and flabby and look much older than I actually am. I’ve done my homework, and the science is sound. The program is only $37, so I ordered it. I’ll be your guinea pig and keep you posted. I’ll try to remember to check in around 2 weeks and 6 six weeks for sure.

  • Barb May

    Oh, my gosh! The workouts are insane!! Watched and downloaded them all. About to do workout number 1. I’m very excited about this program. Yes, ordering it was your usual commercial stuff, but wait, if you act now we’ll give you this special product at this special prices, blah, blah, blah. But even Leanne does that here. I really dislike all that commercial hype, but apparently it sells products, because everyone does it. Other than that it was easy ordering, immediate downloading so you can start right now. And the workouts are actually 17 minutes with the warm ups. I have 20 minutes for sure three times a week. I was having trouble fitting in an hour three times a week. With a 2 year old at home, every minute counts. So, let’s get this party started!!

  • Barb May

    First workout done. It was hard, but I under estimated myself. I did much better than I thought I would. The workout went by super fast. I’m a little shaky from pushing so hard, but I feel fantastic. I’m hot and sweaty and really feel like I worked out. So, lots of water and I’m off to have a protein shake and make bone broth! See ya in a couple of weeks!