Rolling back out (IMPORTANT)

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Hey Everyone,

Guess what?  It’s READY!  That’s right, Premium Menu-Mailer 2.0 is FINALLY ready and our current members are getting theirs as we speak, yahoo!!

We want you to get it too. Just like our current Premium Menu-Mailer members did, complete with all the goodies  ($173 worth of bonuses absolutely f’ree!!)

Don’t forget, price is going up to $120 for the year–now just $97 AND you will be grandfathered into that price for LIFE!

Why would we do this? Because our site was wonky (it went down about 15 times during the sale last month!) and we had additional wonkiness to deal with as well–new stuff is like that!

Our loss is your gain, click here to get it TODAY!


PS–Your price will never go up!  Get it now



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