Sale of the YEAR!! Not to be missed!

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Dear Daniel,

I’m so excited!!!  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I’m a 20!!  Seriously amped up and psyched!!  You will be too when you hear what I have to say.

It’s, Premium Menu-Mailer 3.0!  ALL NEW fabulous features!

You will love how we’ve streamlined Premium Menu-Mailer to fit your busy life, plus it’s gorgeous!  We used YOUR suggestions to make it as incredible as it is!!  I cannot wait to show you!!Click here to check it out

NOW is the time to get Premium Menu-Mailer at 2014 prices.  That’s right, prices are going up (we have to pay our developers folks, LOL).  So grab it right now, don’t wait!!  And because we love you, we’ve added some terrific bonuses that will help you get your meals handled any way you like, check this out: 

This year we’ve decided to give you exactly what you want in bonus goodies–$140 worth for absolutely zero cost!  Yes, when you become a Premium Menu-Mailer member, not only are you locked in forever at this price (remember, prices are going up!!) BUT you also get to choose your bonus package: classic family style or paleo! 

Until midnight on January 1st (that’s New Year’s day), you can get Premium Menu-Mailer for just $97, PLUS all those fabulous bonuses! 

To hear more about this unbelievable sale, check out the video I put together for you:

Click here to watch the video

You’re going to love this!


PS–Your price will NEVER go up if you lock it in NOW.  Get your Premium Menu-Mailer today!

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