The sale of the YEAR!!! Not to be missed!

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Dear Friends,
I’m so excited!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I’m totally off the charts. You will be too when you hear what I have to say.
ANNOUNCING, the ALL-NEW Premium Menu-Mailer!!!!!It’s taken us months and months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, but we have totally knocked ourselves out with our upgraded Premium Menu-Mailer!
The premium level of Menu-Mailer allows our Premium members to access a dashboard, pick and choose their own menu from our vast database of recipes and make a customized grocery list they can either print off or access from their phone. It’s a phenomenally easy way to get your meal planning hassle handled and done exactly the way you want it!
Not only have we massively upgraded Premium Menu-Mailer and made it easier to use than ever before, it now works on your iPad or tablet…so now you can take your iPad into the kitchen and skip the printer!
This is unlike any meal planning that you have seen before; this tool takes it to the next level giving you the ability to PICK AND CHOOSE your recipes so you can customize your meals according to your family’s taste and your dietary needs.
The healthy recipes are all from Saving Dinner’s vast recipe database and as you choose the recipes, the software will instantly make your customized shopping list! Not only that, but you can add other groceries to your list (dog food, paper towels, or whatever else you need), then email the list to yourself and have it on your phone when you go to the grocery store, how awesome is that?
HINT==>Even more awesome would be emailing it to your spouse to do the shopping. Am I right? 🙂
For the first time ever, we are putting Premium Menu-Mailer on SALE!! And we’ve added some terrific bonus ebooks that will help you get your meals handled any way you like, check this out:
1.  A 12-month subscription of the ALL NEW Premium Menu-Mailer program ($90 value)
2.  Crock Cooker ebook, Volume 3 ($37 value) There are times when all you want to do is plug in your crock and have her do the heavy lifting!
3.  Batch Cooking Menu ($10 value) Just what the title implies, get to batch cooking and get several meals done at once!
4.  Hamburger Helper Menu ($10 value) got hamburger? Now you have help!
5.  Ultimate Mix eBook, Volume 2 ($27 value) Skip those costly, chemical mixes at the store, this ebook will show you how to do them yourself!
6.  Paleo 20 for the Freezer, Volume 1 ($20 value) Eat like a caveman, throw it in the freezer and cook it up fresh when you need it!
7.  Paleo Primer ($10 value) An introduction to eating paleo, a paleo pantry list, starter recipes and my famous Mighty Mitochondria Soup!
8.  Paleo eBook, Volume 1 ($27 value) 26 weeks of paleo dinners with recipes, nutrition info and shopping lists
9.  Pressure Cooker eBook, Volume 2 ($27 value) take the pressure off by using your pressure cooker! Easy meals, quick results made better with our delicious recipes.
Until midnight on December 31st (that’s New Year’s Eve day), you can get Premium Menu-Mailer for just $77, PLUS all those paleo bonuses!
Can you believe $168 of freebies just in those 8 bonuses?
That’s a lot of goodies…and you get them all for F*R*E*E when you get the all-new Premium Menu-Mailer subscription for a whole year!
To hear more about this unbelievable sale, check out this video I put together for you:

Claim yours now!
P.S. This special sale ends at midnight December 31st. If you want to get this amazing deal and save over 60%, then go HERE NOW!


0 Responses

    1. aaronsrib,
      Please try updating your flash player and see if that helps you view the video. Also, the Crock Cooker and Pressure cooker menus are not Paleo.

  1. My current Menu-Mailer expires sometime in 2013. What happens to that if I subscribe to this offer now? Thanks!

  2. I understand that the ebooks are on my computer. but is the premium mailer dashboard hosted on your site or my computer? what happens to the recipes delivered during the year when my subscription expires?

    1. jocelyndw
      It is hosted on our server, you will need to save a copy of your weekly menus to have access after your subscription expires.

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