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Leanne here–I am so excited to share with you something I KNOW you’re going to love!

The 28 Day Break Free Boot Camp is back by popular demand – new & improved and now better than ever. I’ll tell you what’s new in just a sec, but if you’re in a hurry to GET OVER 50% OFF and grab our special Fast Action Bonus, head on over to get yours right now:

If you’ve never heard of the Boot Camp before, here’s a quick overview…
The 28 Day Break Free Boot Camp is a revolutionary concept in weight loss and wellness programs, developed by yours truly and JJ Virgin, co-star of Freaky Eaters on TLC.

The program is a comprehensive yet simple plan to help you break free from the foods that have been holding your health hostage – i.e. preventing you from losing the weight, having phenomenal energy, and getting the clear, young looking skin you deserve, to name just a few.

What’s the KEY that makes this program unique?

The 28 Day Break Free Boot Camp addresses “hidden” food sensitivities that most of us have without even knowing it that cause us to hold onto excess fat (especially around our midsection), break out in acne, rosacea or rashes, feel tired, have headaches, get achy joints, feel bloated, and more.

If you don’t address potential food sensitivities, even if you’re eating a “healthy” diet, there’s simply no way you can achieve your wellness goals. You’re inadvertently sabotaging yourself… and that’s no good!

How do I know this program works?

Last year JJ and I hosted two live 28 Day Break Free Boot Camps that were a HUGE success. (Don’t believe me? Check out some of the success stories at This year, we’ve been fielding non-stop requests to host another program, but frankly, we’re both very busy ladies and it’s been near impossible to sync up our schedules.

Our solution? We’ve transformed the 28 Day Break Free Boot Camp into a complete e-course that you can do on your own schedule, when it’s convenient for you. We’re so excited about this because it means you get all the benefits without the waiting!

Even better, for 8 days only in celebration of Independence Day, we’re slashing the price of the program by over 50% and throwing in $355 worth of incredible bonuses, including our Ultimate Meal Assembly Guide (plus Allergy-Free version), our Break Free from Sugar Addiction e-course, JJ’s “7 Step Plan to Heal Your Gut and Overcome Your Weight Loss Resistance” e-course, TWO amazing menu bundles from me, and a LIVE Q&A call later in July with myself and JJ.

PLUS, there’s a Fast Action Bonus for the first 95 to order called “Think & Grow Thin: 20 Strategies to Effortlessly Shrink Your Plate… and Your Waist!” created by JJ (great stuff, I LOVE this!).

All this means you get $552 in value for just $97.

What’s not to love about that?

Check it out now and get instant access to the Boot Camp:



P.S. Here’s what one participant said after doing the program:

“I just had to take the time to say THANK YOU for a wonderful experience. The 28 Day Break Free Boot Camp is FABULOUS!! It has changed the way my husband and I eat. It’s the best ‘diet’ I’ve ever used. I not only lost weight, but also lost most of my 22 symptoms I compiled before I started the plan. Thanks so much. I am amazed at how delicious the recipes are given the restrictions.”
– N.C.

And her story is typical…

Nearly 100% of our Boot Campers who say they stuck closely to the program have reported:

• Losing fat everywhere, but especially belly fat
• Clearer, brighter skin and a more youthful appearance
• Having more energy throughout the day and waking up alert in the morning
• No more headaches and achy joints
• Better digestion and regularity
• Feeling happier and less edgy
• and more…

Many have told us that their family and friends were blown away by the transformation.

It’s no joke. What you eat (and what you don’t) can make a larger impact on your life that you’d ever guess.

Get our proven plan and take advantage of this limited time offer now so you can start the transformation to a lighter, happier, more resilient you today!

Here’s that link again:

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