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Dear Friend,

In 2001 when came to be (known then as, we had ONE product — the one and only original Menu-Mailer.

That was it! Menus, recipes and shopping lists sent to your email inbox once a week — a brainchild born out of necessity that grew into an entire industry.

Since that time, we’ve worked hard to develop more helpful products that solve your dinner dilemmas (and other mealtime issues, too). Ten years later, we have over 100 products that meet your family’s healthy food prep needs.

To CELEBRATE all this great stuff, we’ve made up what we fondly call our “Catalog Page.” What is it? A place to come and browse the goodies we have, because I’m going to bet you didn’t even know we had HALF of these fabulous meal planning tools!

And this isn’t just any catalog…

This is a place that REWARDS you every time you point, click and add to your shopping cart.

Here’s the deal:

  •   Buy 1 product from our catalog page and SAVE 10%
  •   Buy 2 products and SAVE 20%
  •   Buy 3, SAVE 30%
  •   Buy 4, SAVE 40%, 5, 50% and 6 products? You guessed it —SAVE 60%!

(And YES, I’m talking about saving that much off your ENTIRE order – Anything on the catalog page – our products $20.00 or over.)

Hurry, the clock is ticking! Don’t let this one get away!

Check out our new catalog page right now and claim your savings.




P.S. Here’s an example of how you can SAVE BIG with this offer:

Let’s say you put 6 Twenty For the Freezer menus (our most beloved items) in your shopping basket and the total before discount is $120. Because you have 6 items, you qualify for 60% off, so we subtract a full $72.00 from your total. Which means you pay just $48.00 Can you beat that?!

And since they each have 20 recipes, that means 6 x 20 = 120 mouthwatering recipes. With your savings, you pay only 40 CENTS apiece! If you want to round out your collection of freezer menus (or anything else on the catalog page) now’s the time!

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