Here's How to $ave More Money!

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Dear Friends,
One of the best ways to make a huge impact on your family’s budget is through your grocery shopping habits. Cutting your grocery bill beats out lowering the thermostat or hanging clothes to dry to save money. This one area is where big time cost cutting can come into play. I did this myself when my kids were little and was able to afford the small private school I wanted to my daughter to go to for kindergarten–the tuition actually came out of our food budget.

That said, I want to help you meet your financial goals and hope you can see the same thing I’m sharing–that your food budget can be dramatically altered to help your family without sacrificing taste, nutrition or cause you a lot of grief by way of too much cooking, LOL!
Our Frugal ebooks are just the ticket to get this done–look what Katherine posted on Facebook–
“I love your frugal ebooks. I just did all my grocery shopping for two and a half weeks (wow!) for my family of six all for 200 dollars. I can’t tell you how excited my kids were to have REAL food and not hamburger helper or spaghetti! Thank you for saving our dinner!” ~Katherine via Facebook
Did you see what she said? Family of SIX, and groceries for 2 1/2 weeks for less than $200. WOW!
So this week’s special is really special–all of 4 of our Frugal ebooks on sale for just $27. That’s 10 bucks off. Let me tell you what’s in there–
First off, they’re divided seasonally. You get 12 weeks of each season, 6 recipes a week, with the shopping list, nutrition info and serving suggestions. All total, that’s 48 weeks, 288 recipes like Caramelized Onion, Spinach and Bacon Quiche, Spiced Pork Chops, Southwestern Crock Meatloaf, Dijon Rosemary Chicken, just to name a few!
All for $27, that’s 10 dollars off…but we have MORE to help you!
Also included in this bargain bundle is our famous ebook of Money Saving Tips (250 of them!), plus our fabulous Coupon Caddy –our own system for using coupons and keeping track of them; together a $20 value. Add in there our BRAND NEW healthy Hamburger Helper ebook with 10 yummy recipes for making your own homemade version of the famous Hamburger Helper, great recipes like Sweet Curry Beef and Noodles, Spicy Skillet Chili Mac, and Cheesy Beef Taco, you now have an off the hook, jaw dropping value! Retail this would altogether be $67, but today, it’s $27–$40 off! Happy Tax Day y’all!
Listen, we all want to get fit physically and financially–now is your opportunity to cut your costs and get *fiscal*, LOL.
Click HERE and get busy —->$27<—–

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