Back to School – We’re Saving Breakfast & Lunch!

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Dear Friends,

Are you ready for the school year to begin? Do you have your school supplies purchased, new shoes for the kids and carpool schedule yet?

The new school year is just around the corner, or maybe your children have already started! Mornings can be crazy-busy trying to get everyone out the door on time; getting a good breakfast into your family and packing a healthy lunch is the last thing on your mind! But don’t worry, the Dinner Diva will fix you up!

How, you ask? With our wonderful Saving Breakfast & Lunch Bundle!

These menus get down to business and nip this problem in the bud putting  you back in charge of all mealtimes and eliminating that last minute chaos. Our 2 breakfast menus gives you hearty breakfasts that go double duty–they’re all freezable (so double up and get your breakfasts handled for awhile!) How does Breakfast in a Cookie, On the Go Breakfast Bars, and Breakfast in a Pizza sound? The lunch menus (all 4 of them!) consists of  great lunches and healthy side dishes your kids (and you!) will love. Funny Face Tuna Bagels and Berry Parfait, Turkey and Black Bean Pitas, Chicken Rocket Pockets, and Pizza Roll-Ups to name a few.

Did you know that packing your lunch everyday can save you at least $25 a week? According to MSN Money, that’s just for the parents! Some folks saved $60 a week when they packed the kids’ lunches too! WOW, that’s some kind of serious cash!

So I’m laying down the gauntlet–are you ready to save money & eat healthier?  Then take the Saving Dinner All Meals at Home Challenge: You’ve got dinner handled, right? Now it’s time to eat breakfast at home (and Pop Tarts don’t count as breakfast, y’all!) and brown bag your lunches. And here’s your plan to do just that with all 6 menus for just $27; it’s like getting 2 menus FREE!

Are you in? We’ll be talking about brown bagging this week on our Facebook pages…join the convo, take the Saving Dinner All Meals at Home Challenge and then tell us what you’re going to do with all that money you’ve saved!



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