Dear Friends,
So here’s the deal: you are a working woman, period. Whether you’re working in your home or out of your home – you are busy and taking care of other people all the time. Am I right?

You WANT to exercise, and you know you “should.” You feel guilty that you don’t, you buy a gym membership then never attend, you purchase DVDs hoping that will take care of your exercise needs, but then there’s the issue of TIME, energy and (can we be honest?) interest!
What if you could turn that ALL around? It’s easier than you think! Dr. Eric Cobb and Kathy Mauck have put together an amazing video that will GET you there, one small step at a time and this time, it will STICK.
In this video you will learn:
*The world’s easiest transition into pain-free exercise.
*How to “workout” without “working out”
*How to exercise anywhere at anytime.
*How to avoid the pain and discomfort that almost everyone experiences when they start exercising.
*How to “Prehab” your body to get the most out of exercise – without injury!
*2 Healthy Breathing Drills – The most important exercises you may ever learn for your health, your digestion and for decreasing inflammation and water retention in your body!
*Our Highest Payoff Movement Exercises –Targeting the painful areas of our body that bother us when we move. You will learn movement exercises for your: Feet – Ankles – Hips – Back- Elbows – Wrist – Hands
*Requires no equipment, no gear, no special clothes, no vitamins, no protein shakes. Heck you don’t even need a water bottle!
*Finally, you will also get an Introduction to Pain-Free Strength Training that includes bone and muscle strengthening exercises that you can perform anywhere and anytime.
Included with this amazing video …
Is a downloadable PDF manual that covers the specifics from all the exercises in the video. You also get an exercise checklist that you can print as reminder and put any place!
To underline the core principles of a healthy lifestyle, there is of course, FOOD involved! Included with this package from Dr. Eric and Kathy is Saving Dinner’s fabulous ebooks, One Recipe, Two Ways and The Working Woman’s Cookbook – because what woman doesn’t work?
The brilliance behind One Recipe, Two Ways is that it’s a work around for dealing with the fussy factor without having to do the short order cook routine. All you do is make simple adjustments to your recipe for the kids, do the “normal” thing for the adults and everyone’s happy! How great is that?
Let me give you an example-a delicious Baked Coconut Shrimp recipe with an apricot dipping sauce for the kiddos and a ramped up, spicy hot apricot dipping sauce for the adults. See there? Everyone is happy! And you didn’t have to make chicken nuggets or hot dogs, yippee!
We have 36 recipes, 2 ways all done into weekly menus, with the usual serving suggestions and the all-important grocery lists as well. If you’ve been discouraged about getting your little ones to come along side of your way of eating, this is the ticket-One Recipe, Two Ways. Check it out-there’s Orange BBQ Chicken, Lettuce Wraps, Crabby Patty Cakes, Bacon Potato Frittata just to name a few. And remember, these recipes are done in TWO different manners, with minor (read: NOT time consuming!) tweaks to help make it easier for your children to try new foods.
The Working Woman’s Cookbook is a great way to get your family back to the dinner table, even if you don’t get home till late, you can still have dinner on the table pronto! Listen, it’s time to get the message out to the world: having a J-O-B doesn’t mean your family has to eat drive thru or keep the pizza guy’s phone number on speed dial!
This is one of our top-selling products and it’s much like our Menu-Mailers or the Saving Dinner cookbooks – 12 weeks of menus, 6 recipes per week. This book is a must-have tool in a working woman’s hands.
If there is one thing all working women need is more time! This ebook is the ultimate time saver in one wonderful package-you’ll love it and so will your friends and family.
Recipes examples include Mixed up Lasagna Casserole, Sweet Potato Chili Taters, and Herbed Crockpot Chicken. Maybe Easy Taco Casserole sounds delish, or Turkey Florentine Pitas?
All together this package would retail for OVER $100. Our webinar participants enjoyed this great package last night for just $37 and you can too! That’s a savings of over 50%! Just $37!
Get it now for only $37. That gets you the video, manual, menus and all the goodies explained above!
Here’s the LINK to listen to the webinar–you DON’T want to miss this and it’s FR*EE!

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