Something Fishy Here…

What if a supplement had the ability to change your life?

Yes–I’m talking about your heart, brain, skin, hair, nails, immune response, mood (including depression), focus, blood sugar metabolism…and it fights inflammation!

It’s a powerful support in the treatment of many other issues, too including Alzheimer’s, eczema, cancer, and macular degeneration.

That pretty much wraps it up!

And did you know that a deficiency in omega 3 fatty acids is among the top 10 causes of death in the US? Harvard University says that having an omega 3 fatty acid deficiency is more deadly than excess trans fat intake–wow!

The research on omega-3 fatty acids is intense and year after year, just gets better and more intensive, finding new uses for this fabulous supplement.

The thing is fish oil works like nothing else.

But the most important thing to know about your omega 3 fatty acid supplement is that it needs to be 100% bio-available. Some aren’t and some are just downright dirty, made from farm-raised fish, riddled with heavy metals, and processed in a way that destroys the benefits as well.

Our own BioOmega 3x is not only bio-available, but it also has a patented delivery system that enhances the absorption of lipid-based and lipid-soluble ingredients. This means that the normal digestive process is bypassed making it easier for people with digestive, pancreatic, or gallbladder issues to take.

No more fish burps! YAY!

The quality of BioOmega 3x is unparalleled. Every single batch of BioOmega 3x is quality tested and is ISFOS five-star certified to ensure the highest standards of purity. Non-GMO certified sustainable from Scandinavia and free from heavy metals.

So now you know–not all fish oil supplements are equal.

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  1. I ordered omega 3x epa/Dha From another company and I think it made my heart rate higher. Would yours do the same thing? What would cause the higher heart rate.?

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