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Dear Friends,

Last week, we were in pre-sell mode and introduced you to our newest concept in getting dinner…an EXCLUSIVE club that will help you get dinner in the FREEZER, with brand new recipes each and every month!

Today, we DEBUT!!! It’s here, it’s here, it’s HERE!!

Our new Frozen Chosen Freezer Meal Club just for those fans who want MORE from their freezers (and more menus from us to keep them stocked!).

Here’s how the Club will work–after you become a member of the new Frozen Chosen Freezer Meal Club, you will receive 10 brand spanking new freezer recipes available only for our members once a month. That’s right–these recipes are reserved ONLY for our club members.

The first month you will receive 10 chicken recipes, the following month 10 beef recipes, the 3rd month, pork recipes and the 4th month fish/seafood. Then the rotation will start all over again, giving you a year’s worth of mouth watering, time saving freezer meals for your freezer….120 exclusive members-only recipes to make your freezer ROCK and your cooking time a SNAP!

For just $10 a month (a recurring charge), you will get your new 10 for the Freezer every month! Plus, an extra goodie or two each month to make you smile! 🙂

And because we love you and want you to be a member of our exclusive club, we are offering you a BONUS worth $30, that you get, no cost to you. ALL 3 Volumes of our 10 for the Freezer Menus –30 recipes in all, delicious faves like Happy Family Sesame Chicken, Roma’s Skillet Chicken, Beef Goulash, Stir Fry Steak Salsa Verde, and so much more…each recipe designed to be assembled, frozen, thawed and cooked up fresh.  Remember, you get this F*R*E*E*, it’s a $30 value!!

Join our exclusive Frozen Chosen Freezer Meal Club today–just $10 a month and get these FABULOUS BONUS MENUS F*R*E*E!! That’s $30 worth of Bonuses absolutely F*REE!

Think of the all the TIME you’re going to save having dinner in the freezer! Woo hoo!!

Get it NOW…Join the Club, just $10 !!!


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