Sugar Week Starts with JJ!

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Dear Friends,

Sugar week begins with my sweet friend JJ Virgin! Author of the New York Times bestselling book The Sugar Impact Diet.

Last week I was talking with JJ about sugar cravings and the overall effects of sugar. Then it hit me. “All my friends at Saving Dinner would love to hear what JJ has to say about this!”

So I whipped out my phone and pressed record. If you would like to eavesdrop on our conversation you can do that tonight at 7 pm EST.

Just click this link right before 7 and you’ll get to hear our conversation about…

•    How all sugars are not created equal
•    Why fructose is the sneaky monster you need to be concerned with
•    How to figure all of this sugar stuff out without having to do a bunch of “math”

These powerful insights will really help you understand sugar and why it makes you feel the way it does.

Join us tonight! 7 pm EST click here.



P.S. Tomorrow night at this same time you’ll get to hear from Dr Josh Axe. In fact, mark off 7 pm EST each night through Wednesday and 8 pm EST on Thursday!

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