NEW Summer Salads and Smoothie Menus

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Just in time for summer–

Man, I can feel the heat already–summer is really starting to crank up!

And when the heat is on, get me OUT of that hot kitchen! Oven is OFF! Can I hear an amen?

That’s why we’re so pleased to bring you our newest menus: The Summer Salad Menu and our first ever Smoothie Recipes!

(CLICK HERE to save money and buy they both in a bundle)

With 10 main course salads (delicious recipes such as Blue Cheese Steak Salad, Seafood Cobb Salad, Mandarin Orange Teriyaki Chicken Salad to name a few) with our own Saving Dinner salad dressing recipes (3 to choose from). Grocery list included if you want or pick and choose your favorites!

Then there’s the Smoothie Recipes! Love this, so many requests for smoothie recipes and now we have put together this quick guide and 14 smoothie recipes including Pineapple Upside Down Smoothie, Tropical Peach Mango Smoothie and In the Groove Green Smoothie for example. You’ll find out how to get your smoothie on and what to look for in a protein powder. Short, simple, to the point, this guide and smoothie recipe book is for those on the GO! Now you can put your meal in a glass, get your nutrients in short order, feel full, cut the calories and run to the next thing. I swear by smoothies daily!

Each menu will be sold separately for $10, but today they’re just $12 for BOTH! Seriously!

So get your Salads and Smoothie Menus today–this deal is amazing and the recipes? You’re going to LOVE them!

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