Super Food Matcha Smoothie

A delicious (and conveniently green – a small nod to St. Patty’s) super food smoothie! This is a great smoothie for meal substitution (lots of protein and fiber and collagen), AND a great introduction to matcha if it’s something you’re on the fence about or don’t always enjoy!

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Ready for Rhubarb?

It is rhubarb season and these cool-season perennial plants are standing about 5 inches tall in gardens throughout Canada and the Northern US now. Though it quite resembles celery, this red stalky fruit is…well…actually a fruit. An extremely tart fruit, but fruit nonetheless. Also important to note is that rhubarb leaves are toxic. Do not […]

Green Smoothies

Arguably one of the most healthy drinks you can make is an organic green smoothie. A virtual green meal in a glass (if you add protein powder), green smoothies are simple to make, taste great, and pack a huge veggie punch.  If you find it hard to get your daily intake of veggies, this is […]