If you can’t stand the heat, use your freezer!

Freezer meals, stocked freezer, what's for dinner?

By Leanne Ely   If you’re anything like me, sometimes you are just plain fed up with feeding people. Meal planning, grocery shopping, chopping, peeling, roasting, boiling, eating, coercing the children into eating their vegetables, cleaning up the pots and pans only to do the exact same thing again tomorrow. Getting a nourishing meal on […]

When school’s out for summer, start teaching about food!

Dinner Diva When school’s out for summer, start teaching about food! By: Leanne Ely Pop quiz: How do you get kids to eat just about anything? Answer: You get them involved in the kitchen. There’s no surefire guarantee that your kids will eat something they have had a hand in preparing, but it absolutely increases […]

For meat you will praise, learn how to braise!

Food For Thought For meat you will praise, learn how to braise! By: Leanne Ely If you always seem to end up with stringy, tough meat that you can’t get a knife through (let alone your teeth), you can only blame the animal and/or the cut for so long! I firmly believe that with the […]

Sprouting healthy thoughts

Food For Thought Sprouting healthy thoughts By: Leanne Ely There’s a reason why sprouts are the symbol for life! What? You never noticed how we refer to new babies as little sprouts? 🙂 Many of the foods that we eat started their lives as plant sprouts. Sprouts have long been recognized as healthy little buggers […]

Salad Spin

Healthy-Foods Salad Spin By: Leanne Ely I get a lot of email from readers (feel free to email your questions—I may include it in an upcoming article, Dinner Diva at Saving Dinner dot com) and this one warrants an article. I hate to trouble you with a silly salad question, but I’ve never eaten salad […]

Time to Get Organized!

Food For Thought Time to Get Organized! By: Leanne Ely As a cookbook writer and full-on foodie, you can imagine what my desk must look like. Yes, it is stacked with cookbooks, food magazines and recipes torn from magazines, printed from the Internet or scribbled furiously on my ever-present legal yellow pad. I have recipes; […]

Are Your Pots Too Big?

Food For Thought Are Your Pots Too Big? By: Leanne Ely Dear Friends, Ever heard of the term “too much”? When it comes to buying food, keeping food in your pantry, fridge and freezer, we have a tendency to become somewhat pack rattish. What we need to do is refocus and look at our need, […]

Don’t Panic – We Can Fix This!

Food For Thought Don’t Panic – We Can Fix This! By: Leanne Ely C.N.C Dear Friends, The freezer isn’t a cryogenic tank to park your food indefinitely. So many people buy food on sale (buy one, get one) or marked down (hit the grocery store first thing in the morning for great deals), but the […]

Are You Drinking Your Retirement Away?

Food For Thought Are You Drinking Your Retirement Away? by Leanne Ely, CNC Dear Friends, Did you know you could be drinking your retirement away with a fancy coffee habit? Let’s take a look at the dollars and cents (sense) of it all, shall we? My favorite coffee drink is a tall, non-fat, extra shot […]

What a Waste

Dinner Diva What a Waste by Leanne Ely, CNC I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “waste not, want not.” We’ve all grown up with that saying. In our parents and grandparents time, the very idea of wasting food was unthinkable. Today, it’s the norm with nearly 40% of food purchased wasted every day. When […]