Dinner Diva: Eating Like a Leprechaun

An attractive meal with a variety of colors makes for a better appetite. Think about what a meal of white fish, cauliflower, and mashed potatoes would like on a white plate if you don’t get what I’m talking about versus a steak, asparagus, and broiled tomato halves would look like on that same plate. I’m […]

Insider Tips on Spring Veggies

Most folks assume that whatever is available in the produce section is what’s in season. This isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, grocery stores offer a wide variety of fruits and veggies year-round, but that doesn’t mean the flavor and freshness are there as it is with produce that is at the peak of its season. Spring […]

Turnips Recipe

Tips, Tricks, & a Recipe Turnips Recipe By Leanne Ely, C.N.C   Vegetables we don’t often take seriously when grocery shopping are turnips. We always see them sitting in the produce department, purple and white with a plummet of green leaves atop their head. It’s time to stop overlooking turnips and get tuned in to […]

More Veggie

Did you know that if you eat more fruits and vegetables, you are HALF as likely to develop cancer as those who eat the least amount of these foods? There are irrefutable facts to support this statement. It’s not just pie in the sky dreaming; it’s a true promise. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and […]

Farmers’ Markets – Buy Locally to Support Your Community

Spring is officially here and so the great thaw begins. One of the best ways to start off Spring in earnest is to hit your nearest farmer’s market. This is the place where you can buy good, locally grown veggies and see what’s in season. With few exceptions, this stuff is less expensive than your […]