TAX DAY Savings – 15% off Everything… almost :-)

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Hi Everyone,
You know what they say… “While the cat’s away the mice will play…” Well, we’re playing! 🙂
Leanne is off with her Mastermind group playing, planning, and preparing for big things with Saving Dinner. So while she’s away Laurie and I got to pick the promotion for this week. We tossed and turned, went back and forth, and finally decided to just go for it!
So in honor of TAX DAY on April 15th we decided to put everything (except Menu-Mailer subscriptions of course) on sale at a whopping 15%!! But you better hurry and take advantage of it before Leanne checks her email LOL! 😀 Just kidding… but you know a sale like this won’t last so take advantage of it now.
Click here to go shopping…
Just enter coupon code “15off” at checkout and you’ll see your savings.
Happy Shopping!
Nikki & Laurie
and the rest of the Saving Dinner Team

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