Dear Leanne,
I’m so excited to receive the menu’s. I’ve always said that if someone would plan the menus and make out my grocery list, making dinner for my family would be fun! Grocery shopping was actually fun this afternoon. I feel good about what my family will be eating this week. I’m about to make the tuna casserole!


Dear Leanne,
I just wanted you to know how great and how great an impact your efforts are having on our family. Dinnertime is so much more predictable. There are scrumptious leftovers. The pantry is stocked with actually useable foods. I am calmer. Dinner is 99% easier. THANK YOU!


Hi Leanne,
I can’t thank you enough for this great ministry. We are all enjoying eating a new variety of things and it’s so nice not to have to figure it out each week. We watched you on QVC and I ordered a cookbook. You did a wonderful job. Thanks so much. I’m so thankful to have found you. God Bless You,


I LOVE Menu-Mailer! Everything was so easy for me this week. Asian beef and broccoli was a big hit with my family and we will definitely make it again. I love the make-up of your menus. Your recipes are easy to follow and delicious. Thanks for this wonderful bargain!


Yup, last week was my first week. Okay, comments. There are only two of us, but your stuff is very freezeable. Great! So we eat half and freeze the other half. I don’t have a dutch oven, so I improvised and made the mexican steak recipe in the crockpot, veggies in first, meat after browning, then sauce. WOW! It was good. But yesterday, the ziti w/veggies and goat cheese, it won’t make it to the freezer. I will NEVER loose weight with food this good! Well, DH and I are thrilled with the increase in our veggies, grains and good balance of the rest. And now I’m making a salad daily since I have time and am not stressing over the rest of the meal. You are GREAT! The $10 was saved in the first shopping trip, by me not buying additional junk I didn’t need, and fresh veggies are cheaper than processed meals, etc. Well, keep up the good work! 🙂

California Mom

Just a “thank you” for the whole “Menu Mailer” concept! I REALLY appreciate it!!!! All of the recipes are great — and I like the fact that so many fresh, whole foods are incorporated….I was in a rut of meat and a starch for a long time because I couldn’t concentrate on figuring out how to use more veggies. In short, I was uninspired! But now, I am inspired with each new dinner-fixing time, because I am fixing something new and different every day, and it is all so quick and EASY!!!No thinking required! Ahhhhhhh!!!! I especially loved the “raspberry balsamic chicken” — very elegant, and sooooo simple! And the “easy lasagne” is so great — No Cooking the noodles first!!! Wow!!! My husband loved it!!!! I feel like a gourmet chef every day, and dinner (and grocery shopping) has turned from dol-drums to “I feel good about myself today”. I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work!!!!


Hi Leanne,
I came home late last Friday from a very hectic week at work to the delicious aroma of Enchilasagna…my husband had seen the shopping list and the recipies on the counter and decided to take it upon himself to make dinner!! This from a man who’s idea of cooking is Beef with Salt! I think this speaks volumes about the very wonderful service that you have offered to us… thanks so much!


Dear Leanne,
Just wanted to let you know how Menu Mailer has improved my life…We are a household of 2 adults, both working full time jobs, no kids, so meals ‘should’ be easy. Right? WRONG!!! Since the menu mailer has come into our lives:

  • *We have cut our fast food consumption by about 80%
  • *I have cut grocery shopping time by at least 80%
  • *I don’t buy food that looks good in the store, but ends up spoiling because I have no real plan for it*I’m out of the same-old-thing for dinner rut*I’m feeling good about taking control of our nutrition, and cutting out the artificial garbage from processed food.

Your recipes are versatile enough to be cut in half, or eaten as another entire meal. So, I’m cooking 2-3 times a week, and having a ready-made meal waiting for the other days. The variety of flavors, many of which I’d never considered putting together before, have been wonderful.

Best of all, we don’t spend an hour playing the “what do you want to do for dinner game.” “What do you want?” “I don’t care, what do you want?” and on and on until we end up running out to grab something quick, mediocre, and unfulfilling. So, you don’t need to have a big family to find huge rewards from the menu mailer.

Thank you for the difference you’ve made in my life.

Amazing…I finished my Plateau Buster week….I am motivated and energized and HOPEFUL! I have been trying forever to get below 165lbs and I HAVE. 6 solid lbs. Not water weight because I have been slurping away On to the LWL program. THANK YOU THANK YOU. It was hard for me but the snacking brekkie & lunch ideas are really do-able. Not just water weight either as I have been slurping away and my MD is going to be astounded when I show up next week so much lighter. I have had a light-bulb thingy I have to eat a different way forever, it’s not a diet it’s a Food Change! Much love and thanks.