How to Make the BEST Thanksgiving EVER!

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Dear Friends,
It’s nearly Turkey Time for our Canadian friends and Americans are a mere few weeks away, too! And you know what that means, cooking, cooking and did I mention, more cooking? Even if you’re just bringing a dish or responsible for one item this year we can help you out. Our tried and true Thanksgiving menus have helped thousands get Thanksgiving dinner on the table without all the stress that comes with preparing such an epic meal.

Here’s what one of our thankful members had to say about our Thanksgiving Menus:
I panicked my first Thanksgiving without my mom making the meal. What would I do? I was 40+ years old and couldn’t cook a turkey! And, my children were old enough that they knew what our family tradition was and it was having turkey! Well, at first I thought I’d buy it pre-cooked, but friends discouraged me saying that cooking a turkey was so easy (for whom??).
Anyway, to make a long story short, you saved me. To this day, every Thanksgiving I use the timeline and recipes from you and I’ve prepared lovely Thanksgiving dinners. Sure, we’ve had our laughs – turkeys done hours early, forgotten rolls, etc., but it has never been stressful – just a time of joy. One year, I was lucky enough to prepare Thanksgiving for my Mom and my Grandmother.
So, please accept my thanks from the bottom of my heart. I truly treasure all that you have done for me.”
Even if you’re only going to mom’s for dinner and your only worry is bringing well-behaved children, we’ve got you covered there as well.
Whether you’re cooking or not, regardless what your plans are this year we want to help, so we’ve created our own Cornucopia of Savings, a gigantic bundle of holiday recipes, menus, shopping lists, time-lines and holiday goodies designed to help you as we begin the holiday countdown.
Here’s what you’ll get in this delicious package…
* Semi-Homemade Thanksgiving – Loaded Baked Potato Casserole, Quickie Stuffing
* Thanksgiving for the Freezer – Praline Squash, Autumn Greens, Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf
* The ‘free’ Traditional Thanksgiving Menu with Planner and Timeline
* Manner Minders – your children’s manners will be stellar by Thanksgiving!
* Fun with Fondue – South of the Boarder Fondue, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Fondue, S’Mores Fondue, Caramel Fondue
* Appetizers – Olive-Nut Dip, Cheese Balls, Crock Juicy Meatballs
* Pleasing Pumpkin – Creamy Pumpkin Dip, Pumpkin Waffles
Delicious doesn’t begin to describe the delectable, mouthwatering festive recipes, plus this bountiful bundle gives you the practical help you need to “do” the holiday right!
This bundle would regularly sell for over $55 but today it’s just $27. Can you calculate the savings? I can’t, my math skills are overwhelmed, but it is ginormous, LOL!
But wait! Take action TODAY and we’ll pull out our Celebration for the Freezer menu from the vault and give it to you as well! This product contains menus, recipes, shopping lists, supplies, tools, and timelines to make all your celebrations for the freezer so you can get it all done in advance! Holidays like Christmas, Easter and Passover for example, not to mention the other celebrations where you need to entertain with food like dinner parties, brunches and barbecues! $27 value. This is yours at zero cost, but grab it NOW, it’s going back in the vault before you know it!
I can tell you that you won’t see a savings like this until next year at this time so grab it while you can. (Remember, these menus work great for Christmas dinner too!!)
With Thanksgiving,
PS–Want another reason to get this fabulous Thanksgiving bundle? How about MORE Fondue, Appetizers and Pleasing Pumpkin? Yep, we’ve got that there for you, too! Double the fun!

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