The benefits of juicing

By: Leanne Ely


Hundreds of you are still amazed at the information you picked up on our Juicing Breakthrough webinar Tuesday evening with Dr. Josh Axe.

Heck, I picked up a few things myself on that webinar, and I’ve actually been in the kitchen juicing with this man for real!

(If you didn’t get a chance to join us on that webinar, you can get the replay link here. There is a time sensitive bonus offer mentioned on there, and you still have time to grab it today, so if you’re interested, hurry!)

Every time I talk about my daily juicing regime, I’m asked if I’m bothered by the fact that I’m tossing out all that valuable fiber rather than drinking it.

The short answer is, no.

The long answer is that I drink smoothies and I drink juices for different reasons. (By the way, I save the leftover pulp for soup stock, so there! :))

As many of you know, I start my day with a big ol’ smoothie. I add my Fibermender and my Saving Dinner All-in-One Smoothie mix, some coconut milk and fruit, and off I go. Smoothies are a great quick meal and a good way to get in a dose of protein and fiber.

But, I also like to juice my dark leafy greens because through juicing, my body gets a break from digesting that insoluble fiber that veggies contain, and in a liquid form, the nutrients are immediately available to my body.

If you were on that webinar with us on Tuesday evening, you would know the great eight benefits of juicing by now, but I’m going to recap them again here:

1. Balance Hormones
2. Support Digestion
3. Increase Weight Loss
4. Improve Mood
5. Detox Liver
6. Reduce Cellulite
7. Boost Energy
8. Fight Cancer

To get more details about how juicing can do all of those amazing things, catch the webinar replay here!


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