The easiest way to get your daily vegetables

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Dear Friends, 

Do you remember being told as a kid to “Eat your vegetables?”

Actually it was more like, “You are not getting up from the table until you eat your vegetables.”

All your life you’ve been told how important your vegetables are to your health. And you know it’s true!

You’ve probably been smart enough to fill your fridge with broccoli and spinach and kale. You’ve probably also realized that it’s still not easy to get your daily fruit and vegetable requirements.

Well, what if I told you I created a shortcut. A shortcut that even kids like!!

Sounds impossible, but it’s called “Just Juiced Greens.”

You’ve probably heard me talk about it before, but I’m telling you this is the superhero of food, because I’m going to bet you right now, you’re not getting nearly the fruits and vegetables that you need to be getting on a regular basis.

You know the drill. It’s all the processed food. It’s the appetizers. It’s the stuff that everybody brings into the office, and the next thing you know, you’re having a lot of sugar but not a whole lot of good stuff and you’re feeling guilty and bad about it.

No longer. How about a scoop, just a tiny little scoop like a tablespoon, 35 calories and it equals four servings of vegetables a day?

Riley Grace, age 3 (and a half), eats Just Juiced Greens a spoonful at a time! If kids are getting their daily vegetables and fruits, shouldn’t you?

Ok, no more waiting around.

Click here now.



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