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The Ultimate Mix

The Ultimate Mix is a delicious selection of easy to make pantry staples that can be batch prepared ahead of time and stored for months. Our easy to follow recipes, instructions, and shopping lists will help you whip up a variety of spices, muffin mixes, soups, sauces, rice and pasta dishes, without breaking the bank, and more importantly, without any hidden ingredients. 

The Ultimate Mix Book with Labels

When you purchase The Ultimate Mix, you’ll also receive a pack of ready-to-use Spice labels.

The possibilities are truly endless, but one thing is for sure - The Ultimate Mix is certain to become your new favorite recipe book!

Perhaps you want to avoid the icky preservatives, GMOs, and chemicals found in many store-bought mixes.

Or a loved one has a food intolerance and you want to be sure of every ingredient you use.

Maybe you like a little extra cinnamon in your Pumpkin Pie Spice or a little more heat in your curry.

You may need a helping hand with dinner on busy nights, but still want to eat healthily, or maybe you’d like to gift friends and family with a special, homemade treat-in-a-jar during the holidays.

The Ultimate Mix includes 92 of our favorite recipe mixes:

  • 24 Seasoning Blends
  • 24 Muffin Mixes
  • 24 Dry Soup and Sauce Mixes
  • 10 Rice Mixes
  • 10 Noodle Mixes
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