Now is the Time to BREAK FREE!

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In February, my pal JJ Virgin and I put our nutritionists’ heads together and came up with the 28Breakfree from Sugar Addiction Day Break Free Plan–a way of eating that would help people break free from food sensitivities that may be causing issues, such as weight loss resistance, bloating, overly tired, brain fog, aching, sinus conditions and skin problems to name a few. The premise was (and is), what if the so-called healthy foods you were eating weren’t good for YOU? Can you imagine?

So we introduced the first ebook with the 28 Day Break Free Plan and it was an enormous success; people were clamoring for more information and frankly, more food, LOL! So this summer, we kicked off our first Break Free Boot Camp and watched over 200 women change their lives! Interestingly, at the beginning of the program we found we had a few folks with sugar addiction problems (hint: this is common and happens with those who are eating healthy too; not just the donut eaters, LOL) Read what Valene had to say:

The food has been so great that when a colleague invited my husband and I to go out to dinner, my husband replied that he didn’t know if we could find restaurant food as good as what I have been making. (Thanks Leanne!!!!) That is HUGE coming from my honey!!! We used to eat out all the time when we were first married.

The bloating that made me look six-months pregnant every other day is now gone. Most of the coughing after I eat has disappeared, and my GI issues are a whole lot better. I had worked with a travel disease specialist (I traveled in Latin America for work a great deal at that time and we thought I had picked up an amoeba or something), a reputed GI doctor, two family practitioners, a nutritionist, and a holistic chiropractor and none of them were able to help me. What a pain! It was so frustrating! The nutritionist had me keep a food journal, but we couldn’t see any patterns and all she would tell me is to keep tracking what I ate and how I felt. That did not cut it for me. I needed to know what TO eat as well as what not to eat.

I started the program hoping to reduce my major symptoms- which has occurred. I didn’t really expect any weight loss, however at 11 pounds lighter my pants are now falling off! I am constantly pulling them up, even with a belt on! My husband is talking about getting me a new wardrobe for my birthday. What took me a year to lose after my first baby has now disappeared in a matter of weeks (I had another baby 6 months ago).

THANK YOU for doing what all those doctors and specialists couldn’t. You provided me with the information and support I needed to feel better and see the change I wanted in my life realized. While I think there may be a few outliers causing me minimal grief, I count the entire program and experience a HUGE success. ” ~Valene

If you have ever wondered if the foods you were eating were holding you back from your goals, I urge you to try our NEW 28 Day Break Free Plan, Volume 2. And if you suspect you MIGHT have a problem with sugar, our NEW Break Free from Sugar Addiction product has a way out–there’s a quiz, a 5 page report and JJ and I discuss this in depth (you will hear us talk about it! Check it out HERE. All new delicious recipes, weekly itemized shopping lists and an exact plan to help you succeed. Valene is one many testimonials we received after she had completed the program. Do you want to be next? Click here and get started. Who knows, maybe your testimonial will be as life changing as Valene’s!

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