Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Saving Dinner Fundraising

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Food For Thought
Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Saving Dinner Fundraising

By Daniel Munns, Saving Dinner Fundraising

August is here and for many of us, that means it is “Back to School” time. It’s time to purchase school supplies, new clothes for the kids and time to figure out the carpool schedule. Pretty soon your children will have backpacks full of books and homework. But “Back to School” time also means that your children will soon come home with that information you dread…details of the school fundraiser.

While few parents are excited to learn about the fall fundraiser they will be investing their time and money in, school fundraising has always been a necessary activity. Budget cuts in school systems have increased the need for these fundraisers as well as parent assistance in running these programs. For busy working parents, who has time to participate in all of this?

What is not necessary is that you will soon have kids coming to your door asking for your support in exchange for cookie dough, chocolate or some other unhealthy treat. While these fundraisers may be simple and the custom, this is clearly sending the wrong message to children and parents. Schools are committed to getting kids eating better and for good reason. Research has shown that kids that eat better perform better in school.

So we have decided to give schools and other organizations a solution to these dreaded fundraisers. We have taken the Saving Dinner mission of getting families back to the dinner table and have created the Saving Dinner Fundraising program. Family meal time has always been important to us and according to a study from CASA, children in families that eat together do better in school and are more inclined to say no to drugs, alcohol, sex and smoking.

Whether you are running your PTA’s fundraiser or you are just helping your children promote theirs, we know you do not have a lot of free time to dedicate to fundraising. We have taken the majority of the work off your plate with our online program. You can have your Saving Dinner Fundraising program up and running in less than two minutes, seriously!

The Saving Dinner Fundraising program includes packages consisting of the most popular Saving Dinner digital products. Below are 10 quick highlights of the program:

1.    60% Profit
2.    All Online Program
3.    No Door-to-Door Sales
4.    No Payment Collections
5.    No Inventory Storage
6.    No Upfront Investment
7.    Program Can Run All Year Long
8.    Monthly Commission Checks
9.    Products You Can Use
10.    Healthy Fundraising Alternative

So, are you involved with your school’s fundraiser or have you purchased products in the past?

What have been your biggest complaints about the fundraisers you see every year? Does this program sound like something that could work for your PTA? Let us know below, we’d love your feedback!

For more information on Saving Dinner Fundraising, visit

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