You Have Truly Moved Me

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Hello and I hope your Wednesday is great!
Since creating the Menu-Mailer in 2001, I’ve been so touched and honored by how your Saving Dinner community has embraced this product AND used it regularly to serve meals that families everywhere really love.

The menu, recipes, shopping list and serving suggestions that we give you weekly have made life so much easier for so many.
To acknowledge and support requests from our readers, we’ve prepared a low-carb version, a heart-healthy version and just this year, we added a Paleo version of our Menu-Mailer, based on the very effective ‘caveman’ eating plan that I’m guessing you’ve heard of in your reading or from friends.
Listen, I’ve gone “caveman” myself and I’m blown away by how good I feel! I have to encourage you to try this way of eating; it is astounding how satisfied, happy, content, clear skinned and (no small thing!) flat bellied you’ll be!  And I promise – the cravings that I feared would sabotage me were really very minor – I can really say I succeeded!
If you sign up for Menu-Mailer while reading this, you’ll receive our fabulous cool bonus of a veggie side-dish e-book, which you can easily download in just a few moments from now.
This great e-book has easy, simple veggie recipes that will take the serving suggestions to the next level, and that your family will love!
The best part about this e-book: the surprisingly scrumptious 24 recipes that fit with all styles of eating (you may have to remove cheese if you’d like to “Paleotize”, but they’re all highly adaptable), plus some winter cooking tips on roasting veggies, plus summer cooking tips on grilling ’em! A $17 value, absolutely FR*EE with your Menu-Mailer subscription!
To receive these special bonuses, you just need to sign up for our Menu-Mailer OR extend the subscription you already have. Remember, included weekly are: Regular Menu-Mailer (family style), Heart-Healthy, Low Carb and the new Paleo! Plus we have the daytime Body Clutter menu with each week’s selections as well!
I can’t wait to hear your feedback on this! Say yes to Menu-Mailer now — just $15 for 3 months OR buy the whole year for $47 and save $13!
Or choose our Premium Menu-Mailer for just $10 a month and pick and choose which recipes you want from any of our menus and automatically make your customized shopping list!
You can also add your own grocery items to the list for a truly, one-of-a-kind way to get your grocery shopping and meal planning DONE.
There’s also a one year option for just $90 (that’s like 3 months FR*EE!). And don’t forget, each new subscription (or renewed subscription) will get the NEW Veggie e-book, not available anywhere else! Get yours today!

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