What If 2023 Was Your Year to Live
Vibrant, Happy, & Whole?

It can be, with a little help from Saving Dinner founder, and renowned media personality, Leanne Ely! 

Save your seat now for her virtual workshop, on January 7th, 2023!


Featuring, Leanne Ely
Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Join us for this 1-day, virtual workshop created just for YOU!  You’ll chat, connect, laugh, and cry (good tears), with women who, just like you, are committed to living as their vibrant, best selves in 2023. Leanne will be our guide as we create our Vibrant Vision Board and so much more

Just $97 for the DAY!

Yes, You Can Set Up 2023 For VIBRANCY…

You, my lovely, are a whole woman.

Heart ❤️ Mind ❤️ Body ❤️ Soul

And when you live from this understanding, your whole world changes.

Then the vision of what can be, changes.

Your self-worth, your physicality, your relationships, the way you think…it ALL changes to support the VIBRANT LIFE you deserve to have!


Not worrying about the size of your jeans or the color of your lipstick or what the scale is going to tell you today?

Waking up every day with a clear idea of how to execute your goals in a way that makes you happy, fulfilled, and looking forward to a vibrant future?

Seeing your beautiful future with the lens of a satisfying present–living each day fully, knowing you’re on your way…

And actually enjoying the process!

I can–and even if you can’t see it for yourself, I will hold a space for you until you do–that’s what friends do for each other.

And this is what this workshop is about–creating the vibrant life we all hotly desire and doing it on our terms, no one else’s.

*To see ourselves as purposeful–and to stop just going through the motions.

*To see ourselves as a deliberate part of God’s plan–not just taking up space.

*To see ourselves as creators of beauty, loving expressions of hope, optimism, courage, fully present, and empowered to live our lives on a whole new level.

To Have What We Want,
We Need To Address The WHOLE Of Who We Are…

Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul.

When you decide to join Creating A Vibrant 2023 Workshop, you will automatically be enrolled in our VibrantBody 10-Day Detox, a $97 value.

Yes, yes…I know. There’s some truly wacky “detoxes” out there.

But ours is different–

*It’s not based on some celebrity cooing about its awesomeness–it’s the science, my sister, that’s how we do things around here.

*There’s a 10-day (delicious) food plan, with recipes that will keep you delectably connected to the whole process. (And we’ve designed the ebook so you can choose between 2 OR 4 servings to fit your needs!)

*There’s an exclusive supplement, formulated with you in mind to give you the help your body is begging for. (shipped free to the contiguous US)

*Your body has 5 major elimination organs that are always doing the cleanup we all require–our VibrantBody Detox will assist in this important work, providing the nutrients necessary as well as helping with the weight loss process.

*The VibrantBody Detox begins on Monday, January 9th, right after the Hot Melt Sprint…can you see how glorious your body is becoming?

It’s TIME to become truly connected to your whole self…

And mastering the role of creator of our life story–calling the shots, taking back the authority in our lives, and having a voice in what’s next.

Connecting to our truth–our authentic self and fully embracing every inch of who we are, stretch marks and all.

This is exactly how we allow for the expansion of who we want to become…

Seeing our unique beauty for maybe the first time.

Embracing the very best part of who we are and not turning away from the stuff we can improve, discard, or rise above.

Who we are is in direct proportion to what we believe about ourselves.

This is why I want you to join me and other women who are on this same quest–to become VIBRANT in every single area of life & loving each and every moment.

Because if you don’t like who you are right now, you can shift that misconception and create a more artful, fully expressed life that has you as the main character, not sitting in the audience watching life pass you by.

And it starts with understanding that you are a whole woman–not just a body that fits into a dream-sized pair of jeans.

Not just a chauffeur, errand running, dinner making, laundry doing, boo boo kissing woman getting by day after day.

INSTEAD, playing FULL OUT–with enthusiasm and excitement, knowing you’re living your best life and you’re doing it RIGHT NOW! 

I’m inviting you to join me for our virtual workshop, Creating A Vibrant 2023: Heart, Mind, Body & Soul.

This event is about you in all your gloriousness–and creating the exact life you want to live.

In this event, you’ll learn how to change your mind about the old patterns that never worked for you and say yes to the things you want.

You’ll walk away from this event with a renewed spirit and a fresh spark to create the most fantastical year ever, enjoying every delicious drop and up-leveling your game!

Part workshop, part teaching, part community…Creating A Vibrant 2023 is an event that brings our community full circle to the realization that life is only just beginning and we have important work to do yet…our lives are calling us for such a time as this.

Do you feel it? Are you ready to up your game and CLAIM 2023 as Your Year of VIBRANCY?

If you do…it’s time for you to grab your ticket and make your plans!

This event is not to be missed–mark your calendar, game ON!

SATURDAY, January 7th, starting at 9 AM ET.  

Experiences like this are rare, once-in-a-lifetime occasions that elevate us to the life we’ve been waiting for…it’s time to stop putting yourself off.

It’s your turn–let’s do this.


Here’s A Snapshot On What You Can Expect–

The morning session will be your setup for 2023.

We’ll be talking about creating your Alignment Assignments so that you’re hitting your goals, fueling the Vibrant Vision you have for your life, and helping you to actually make it all happen.

If you’ve been to my workshops in the past, you know I dish out a lot of actionable stuff–you’ll want to be taking lots of notes!

After we break for lunch, we’ll spend some time creating our Vibrant Vision Boards! 

There will be plenty of time for Q & A, enjoying each other’s company, and being in a creative circle of women, all on the same page.

It’s going to be incredible…I cannot wait!

As I said, this is only a snapshot…the actual workshop will be juicy, vibrant, and wonderful…especially if YOU are there!

Don’t make another New Year’s resolution, make a reservation and JOIN US on Saturday, January 7th, for an all-day workshop to create the vibrancy you want in your life this year: heart, mind, body, and soul–it’s all going to be covered.

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves–this is a WORKshop and it’s going to be FAB!

Our virtual workshops are held on Crowdcast, a platform that allows us to be together, chat, and connect as well as workshop together when we create our Vibrant Vision Boards and more! $97 for the DAY!

Remember…we always provide amazing swagalicious digital Swag Bags. Our Swag Bags pack a punch and add a ton of value to your life–you’ll download ’em and use ’em too!

Don’t forget, the workshop includes our Vibrant Body Detox (a $97 value by itself!), so that’s like getting the Workshop FREE!

I can’t wait to see you there!