Are YOU Ready To Become The Vibrant Woman You Were Designed To Be?

We have two options for you: you can choose just the VibrantBody Detox OR you can go all in and get the VibrantBody Detox Kit.

Both options include our VibrantBody Detox Guide with a 10-day food plan that contains recipes that will keep you deliciously connected to the whole process. (And we’ve designed the ebooks so you can choose between 2 OR 4 servings to serve your needs!)

Did you know our bodies are perpetually detoxing, cleaning up, fixing, repairing, and otherwise doing something to make us better?

AND THEN…we come along and muck up the much-needed repair.

You know what I’m talking about…THE HOLIDAYS where food, masquerading as “treats” clogs up the system and puts us on overload.

We need help! It’s time to fix the damage and give our bodies a hand.

To really pump up your results, we’ve added two products to the VibrantBody Detox:

InflaCrusher to help your body deal with inflammation and crank up your body’s ability to clean up free radicals.

Just Juiced Veggies pump up the greens! With 7-9 servings of fruit and veggies in every single scoop, your body is primed to clean.

Yes, yes…I know. There are some truly wacky “detoxes” out there. 

But ours is different–

It’s not based on some celebrity cooing about its awesomeness–it’s the science, my sister, that’s how we do things around here.