We’ve Never Gone This Low!

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Food For Thought
We’ve Never Gone This Low!

Dear Friends,

In the ten years that I’ve been offering our Menu-Mailer subscription, I’ve always tried to keep it priced fairly. However, what I am about to tell you is just ridiculous!

We’ve teamed up with LivingSocial to offer a once in a lifetime deal. Right now, you can get a 3 month Menu-Mailer subscription for just $7 (regularly priced at $15). Yep, that’s three months of menus, recipes, shopping lists…the whole nine yards for $7. Have I lost my mind? Probably so!

So here’s the deal (literally). If you haven’t already done so, go to www.livingsocial.com and sign up to receive their daily deals. Go ahead… I’ll wait. Ok, now that you are all signed up and ready to go, select the Fort Worth market (this is important as it’s the only market running this deal right now). You should see the deal right there front and center. See it?? I know, it’s crazy!

You will never see prices like this on our website, so go ahead and grab it now before I change my mind. If you already have a subscription, no problem. We’ll just tack this one right onto it!

Are you ready for more awesome news? LivingSocial has this wonderful feature where if you send the special link that they provide to your friends, and three of them buy the deal, yours is F-R-E-E!! Get where I’m going with this? Yep, you could get a 3 month Menu-Mailer subscription for F-R-E-E.

Are you excited yet? I am!! So go, buy and share.



13 Responses

  1. After purchase from Living Social, you’ll get a link from them. Just go there 24 hours after purchase (to give us time to get your coupon code set up) and follow the instructions 🙂

    1. Leanne, I did not get a coupon code yet, either.  I registered with Living Social on Monday afternoon.  I have gone through all my new, deleted and old mail to make sute I did not miss it.  Thanks for your help.

      Dottie Rogers

  2. Leanne, how do I redeem my purchase of the great offer of 3 mos for $7  from Living Social? I’m anxious to start receiving the menus.   Thanks, 

  3. I signed up for the $7 membership got everything working but I only received shopping lists no recipes…did I miss something?

  4. I just signed up with the living social coupon. Do I just sit back and wait for the recipes to be emailed? Do I have to go somewhere and pick the meals I want or?

  5. I cannot open the pdf once I purchased this.  Should I be waiting for the following Tuesday’s menu mailer to start getting this deal?  Also, Saving Dinner charged me an additional $15 thru my checking account/ visa.  Please refund the $15 asap.  Thanks.

  6. Please contact customer service for direct and timely service 😀 [email protected]

    You’ll also want to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (free from adobe.com) to view our Menu-Mailers.

    If you clicked through the link from Living Social and bought Menu-Mailer with your coupon code, we’ll have you all set up for Tuesday. Please watch for emails from us to confirm your membership and add [email protected] to your whitelist 😀

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