who knew? (10 pounds-gone!)

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Dear Friends,

Did I tell you that I lost 10 pounds on the 10-Day Paleo Blitz last month?  I DID! And I did it at a crazy time too–I had to abruptly fly out west and bring my Mom home with me (she was in the hospital & now she’s finally a North Carolina resident!). I continued blitzing anyway (and my clothes were getting a lot looser) so when I finally weighed in after getting home, I was elated!

What makes our 10-Day Paleo Blitz so great is the anti-inflammatory part of the plan. The Perfect Paleo Protein is dairy free (but tastes exactly like whey–yummy!) and the dinners are all designed for optimal digestion to keep inflammation at bay as well. The result of this plan is easy weight loss, yippee! AND you feel full all the time!

We’ve made this next Blitz even better–are you going to join us? The plan costs nothing–we will send it to you when you order your Perfect Paleo Protein. And with our delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors, you’ll love the taste! (and did I tell you how full they keep you?)

Watch the video below to learn more:



PS–this is the exact plan I used to take off 10 pounds–so did a BUNCH of people in our last Blitz! You’ll meet them in our private Facebook group–this is what moves the needle–a great plan+community=SUCCESS!  Join me now!

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