How You Can Win An Upright Freezer! Details Inside…

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Hi Friends,

I’ve been cooking up something special for you these past few weeks and I’ve practically had to bite my tongue in order not to spill the beans! Here’s the scoop…

It’s our biannual Super “Freezer Frenzy” Blowout Sale on all of our popular “save you in a crunch” freezer menus, and… this time we wanted to top ourselves by doing something really exciting and I know you’re going to LOVE this…

We’re giving away a brand new Upright Freezer to each of 3 lucky winners!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… (you knew I was going to say it, didn’t you?)

To our Second and Grand Prize Winners, we’re also giving away $250 and $500 Gift Cards to Omaha Steaks, the online source for steaks, lobster and all kinds of outrageously decadent gourmet food.

And last but not least, our Grand Prize Winner also wins a personal visit from me! I’ll travel to your house with a film crew and we’ll prepare your freezer menus together! How FUN is that?!

Click here to learn more and get entered into our Freezer Frenzy Contest right now!

Here’s the deal with the Super “Freezer Frenzy” Menu Bundle Blowout Sale:

We’ve created 3 bundles of our most popular freezer menus and slashed the price on all of them. With each purchase, you earn points that increase your chance of becoming one of our three winners! (You can enter the contest without purchase, but your purchase gives you more points which increases your odds.)

Choose from one of the following three options:

Freezer Frenzy Menu Bundle #1. You get:

Big Bucket O’ Chicken (“Five for the Freezer Chicken” Volumes 1-7)
“Five For the Freezer Ground Beef” Volumes 1 & 2
“Five for the Freezer Steak” Volumes 1 & 2
“Five for the Freezer Pork Chops” Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Not $60, Just $37 (Save 38%!)
Click here to order

You earn 50 extra points when you purchase Bundle #1. Remember, the more points, the greater your chance of winning!

Freezer Frenzy Menu Bundle #2. You get:

“20 for the Freezer” Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Not $80, Just $47 (Save 41%!)
Click here to order

You earn 75 extra points when you purchase Bundle #2.



Super Freezer Frenzy Menu Bundle #3 (BEST DEAL!). You get:

EVERYTHING above (Bundles #1 and #2)


Our Brand New “Batch Cooking for the Freezer” menu, the latest addition to our freezer collection. Our ingenious batch cooking technique is the best way to save prep time and get lots of tasty variety in your finished meals.

Not $140, Just $67 (Save Over 50%!)

You earn 150 extra points when you purchase Bundle #3.

==> Click Here to Order the Super “Freezer Frenzy” Menu Bundle #3 for Just $67 RIGHT NOW <==

Okay, ladies, that’s the scoop…

As you can see, we’re really blowing it out of the water with this one, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to announce our 3 lucky winners next week! (Winners will be announced on Friday, November 4.)

So start your engines… and ready, set, go!

Here’s where to learn all about the contest and order your Freezer Frenzy menu bundle ON SALE NOW!


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  1. Am I missing a link for entry into the contest without a purchase?  Thanks for helping … this is my first visit to your site.

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