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Ultimate eCookBook Blowout

One of the best values on our website are our eCookBooks. Understand, that these eCookBooks aren’t your ordinary everyday cookbook with recipes; no, they are WAY more than that. Our eCookBooks are innovative recipes, menus plans and ideas to get dinner under control once and for all. Take our Pressure Cooker eCookBook, for example. Need dinner fast? You won’t believe how fast you can get dinner on the table using a modern pressure cooker and our fabulous recipes. With 48 recipes such as Tarragon-Mustard Chicken, All-American Meatloaf and Steamed Scallops Supreme, your dinner will be mouthwateringly delicious and done faster than you can get your salad tossed! It really is a snap!
Or let’s say you want to have dinner done while you’re gone. Enter the Crock Cooker. How can you NOT love your friend the Crock Cooker? It slaves all day making you dinner while you’re out doing other things, like WORK for example, LOL. But what if you forget to get your dinner going or run out of time that morning? NO PROBLEM–we solve that dinner dilemma with our fabulous Fast/Slow eCookBook; filled with 24 recipes that go both ways–fast or slow, your choice. There’s no second guessing on how to make a crockpot recipe a pressure cooker recipe or vice versa, we’ve got all that info for you in this nifty volume. So you can enjoy Chicken and Dumplings, Stuffed Artichokes and Swedish Meatballs to name just a few.
Get this great eCookBook bundle, with 72 recipes in all–remember, these are plans and mealtime strategies, not just recipes! ALL of this would retail for $34, today it’s just $17, that’s right BOGO BABY!
If you’re looking for something else, we’ve got our fantastic 5 Ingredient or Less eCookBook. Sometimes you need something quick to get dinner launched and done, right? That’s what the 5 Ingredient eCookBook is all about. With 36 recipes, these babies are designed to give you dinner as fast as possible without compromising your family’s nutrition. What’s not to like about that? Check out Chicken Enchiladas, Beef and Blue Salad and Cajun Shrimp Skillet. Sounds good?
One of our proudest accomplishments has been our new One Recipe/Two Ways…a way to make dinner to help bring your young ones along. In other words, you cook one dinner, slightly modify part of it so that children and parents can eat together without the whining and pickiness of “I don’t like that”! You can virtually eliminate that type of behavior with this type of cooking. So let’s say you have Slow Cooker Italian Beef…you will be enjoying yours with sautéed onions and peppers while junior and company will be eating theirs on whole wheat hoagies topped with cheese. See? Slightly modified, easily doable and you’re not compromising your food values and caving to dumbed down kiddie food for your progeny. Examples of these 36 meals include Orange BBQ Chicken, Fajita Pitas and Crabby Patty Cakes.
You can get this great eCookBook bundle, with 72 recipes and mealtime strategies for $17–yep, another fine BOGO like you just wouldn’t believe!
But here’s the ULTIMATE DEALIO…you want it ALL? Don’t we all, LOL? You can have ALL FOUR of these ecookbooks for just $27.
Yep, $27. That’s 65% off!!!!
Unbelievable, right? Well, for the first 100 people who buy the 4 ecookbook bundle, we’ll actually throwing in the our best-selling Ultimate Mix eCookBook which pushes this deal over the edge. This amazing Ultimate Mix eCookBook will have you making your own spice blends, rice mixes, pasta mixes and more without all the chemicals and for way less than you can buy in the store. With 46 recipes such as Montreal Steak Seasoning, Pizza Soup and Italian Pasta Salad, your pantry will be full and dinner will be a SNAP!
Get the first bundle, or the second bundle for just $17
OR GET IT ALL!!! Plus the FABULOUS, gotta have best-selling Mix eCookBook all for just $27!! ===$27<===
Go ahead…get the Big One (we know that’s the one you really want) but ACT FAST because only the first 100 people get the super duper best-selling Mix eCookBook bonus 🙂
 ===> $27 <=== CLICK HERE & Get Our Ultimate eCookBook Blowout Bundle!! ===> $27 <===

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