WS – Ultimate Spring Cleaning

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If you’re sick and tired of carrying around those extra pounds, I want you to really pay attention to this: if you detox first and then go on a weight loss plan, you will be more successful getting the weight off. Why? Because you’ve cleared some of the toxic clutter from your body. I’ve learned this from all the testimonials from people who’ve done this with our plans; it totally makes sense and is actually easier! So we’ve bundled together our two best weight loss plans: The Dinner Diva Detox AND Losing it with Leanne (we have TWO options for LWLregular or Gluten Free!) Here’s how it works: you start with a detox to get some of the bloating handled and give your body a break and get you motivated. Then, you slide easily into the Losing it with Leanne plan that will help you get focused on eating more nutritionally to get the weight OFF! Talk about spring cleaning!!


This is the best of both worlds! Here’s what you get: Dinner Diva Detox 1 & 2. Both plans have menus, recipes, shopping lists, tips and ideas on how to use this two week plan. The recipes are simple, the results are stellar! Read this testimonial from Katy: “I did the detox about a month ago and loved it! I have incorporated a daily salad and lots more fresh fruits in my diet since then because it made me feel so good. I have also made a permanent switch to Ezekiel bread since it tastes so much better than the crummy bread I used to buy at the grocery store. I lost 6 pounds that week (4 of which have stayed away), and my tummy is much flatter since I am getting more fiber in my diet. Best of all, I learned how to broil meat and shop more efficiently for produce.” With the Dinner Diva Detox, you also get our Day Spa Menu and our two Shape Ups (exercise guides to gently introduce you to exercising). CLICK HERE TO ORDER Losing it with Leanne gives you a weekly focus and a meal plan. Each week there is something new!

  • Week 1’s focus is on fiber.
  • Week 2, focus on portions, with a handy portion chart and plate.
  • Week 3, focusing on greens with new recipes.
  • Week 4, you’ll bust a move with my secret Plateau Buster!

If you have a special occasion coming up and you need to get back into your LBD (little black dress), you will with ease once you’re done with this plan! All of this is bundled together is $37, but today it’s just $27 AND if you get the bundle, you’ll also get our Body Clutter ebook–40 weeks of fabulous day menus; breakfast, lunch and snacks (all with Gluten Free options!), regularly $37, but today–FREE!! The Ultimate BOGO–get it TODAY, CLICK!!



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