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A Personal Letter From The Desk Of:

Leanne Ely

NYT Bestselling Author, Creator of Saving Dinner
Six-O’Clock Crazies Survivor 🙂

Ok…I’m about to make an embarrassing confession here.

But first, FYI when you scroll down a little, you’re going to see some amazing-looking meals–and believe it or not, all of those meals took less than 30 minutes to prep and cook!

But that wasn’t always the case—let me tell you my (somewhat embarrassing) story:

I’m Leanne Ely, NYT bestselling author and the creator of Saving Dinner. I’ve been a nutritionist for 25 years and have also been in the trenches as a mom.

I grew up in a home where both parents cooked—and I was taught by my mother to cook, too.

My mom was organized and kept a grocery list and menu on the fridge—we always knew what was for dinner.

Later after I left home and started my own catering business, I added to my basic skillset, learned great culinary skills from chefs along the way, and became a pretty good cook!

But it wasn’t until after I had my own children, became a nutritionist, and realized that my own dinnertimes were out of control that I finally fixed that and developed my own system—much like my mom’s with the menu and the shopping list.

But before that happened, a lot of THIS happened–does this sound familiar?

You pick up the kids from school, daycare, their after school activities, whatever…they’re tired and cranky and just want to go home.

You realize you have nothing planned for dinner, not even fish sticks with freezer burn…

So you say to yourself, “I know, I’ll get a rotisserie chicken on the way home and grab a bag of salad.”

You unload the kids from their car seats, grab a cart, get into the store and watch another shopper grab the last rotisserie chicken under the heat lamp!

Well, there’s always something in the frozen food section, right? Or maybe call for pizza. AGAIN?

THAT is the 6 O’Clock CRAZIES!

And it dawned on me—the 6 O’Clock Crazies are utterly predictable, why oh why do I keep doing this to myself?

It’s not going to get better if things don’t CHANGE!!

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

Isn’t that the definition of INSANITY?

This is how Dinner Answers was born nearly 20 years ago, to streamline dinner and help you get in and out of the kitchen with ease and accomplishment in the form of a healthy and delicious dinner, one that you’re proud of!

Let me help you get dinner on the table—you’re just a click away from getting the help you need!

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“My daughter is a freshman at college and she said, ‘Thank you, Mom, for teaching me to eat healthily. I can’t believe what people eat here.’ Those thanks go to I’m pretty sure that before I subscribed, my kids ate mac n cheese three or four times a week. ;)”
- Lee
“I love it all but especially appreciate the shopping list! It cuts down on my shopping prep time. Oh, and the nutritional information is fabulous too! Thanks for making my life go a little easier and smoother and for helping me make simple, healthy dinners!”
- Ruth
“I love you taking the work out of making a great dinner for me. The menus supplied with the grocery list already and giving me options for daytime menus too. I love it and have recommended all of my friends and family to your site!”
- Lorri