Crock Cooker – Fall – Vol. 1-3 eBook Bundle


Volume 1

Week 1
1. Crock Beef and Vegetable Soup
2. Crock Glazed Chicken
3. Southwest Crock Pork Stew
4. Crock Rosemary Garlic Lentils with Turkey
5. Crock Potato and Corn Chowder
Week 2
1. Chicken with Peanut Sauce
2. Guylas Pot
3. Cheesy Onion Soup
4. BBQ Pork Sandwiches
5. Lamb with Garlic Sauce
Week 3
1. Spicy Chinese Chicken
2. Beer Barrel Pot Roast
3. White Beans and Garlic
4. Slow Cooker Pork and Apples
5. Salmon Parm Casserole
Week 4
1. Cowboy Casserole
2. Yassa Chicken
3. Rosemary Beans
4. Ham with Raisins
5. Corny Clam Chowder
Week 5
1. Crock au Vin
2. Here’s the Beef Chili
3. Mac and Cheese Casserole
4. Mexican Pot Roast
5. Lamb with Mushroom Pilaf
Week 6
1. Crock Southwestern Meatloaf
2. Crock Philippino Chicken
3. Sweet Cajun Crock Stew
4. Cheesy Cauliflower Soup
5. Carolina Crock Pork
Week 7
1. Vegetarian Minestrone Soup
2. Crock Moroccan Chicken and Veggies
3. Crock Beef and Bean Burritos
4. Crock Pork Provencal
5. Crock Cajun Turkey Stew
Week 8
1. Crock Chunky Tomato Soup
2. Easy Crock Chicken
3. Ribs with Horsey Sauce
4. Mock Crock Paella
5. Pork Loin in Onion Sauce
Week 9
1. Thai Wingers
2. Carry Me Away Pork
3. Sideways Beef
4. Crock Barbecue Tofu
5. Texan Turkey Fajitas
Week 10
1. Crock Corny Spinach
2. Sweet and Spicy Pork Chili
3. Shrimp Chowder
4. Beefy Black Eyed Peas
5. Orange Glazed Chicken Thighs
Week 11
1. Lemon Honey Chicken
2. Hearty Corn Chowder
3. Crock Beef Ale
4. Crock Sausage Bean Soup
5. Polynesian Pork Chops
Week 12
1. Chicken Crock-atore
2. Beef Bourguignon
3. Easy Veg Crock Tacos
4. Chinese Ribs
5.Shrimp Chowder

Volume 2

Week 1
1. Crock Chicken Stew
2. Slow Cooker Pork and Apples
3. Crock Beef and Bean Burritos
4. Crock Split Pea Soup
5. Halibut in Wine Sauce
Week 2
1. Moroccan Crock Chicken
2. Crock Navy Bean Soup
3. Here’s the Beef Chili
4. Tuna Salad a la Crock
5. Chili Verde Pork
Week 3
1. Mock Crock Paella
2. Crock Braised Lamb
3. Barbecue Crock Chicken
4. Meat Crock Loaf
5. Vegetarian Crock Lasagna
Week 4
1. Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
2. Crock Garlic Lemon Chicken
3. Adam’s Short Ribs
4. Slow Cooker Lamb Tagine
5. Pesto Vegetable Strata
Week 5
1. Portuguese Soupas
2. Pork Steaks and Kraut
3. Prosciutto Creamed Chicken
4. Balsamic Crock Lamb
5. Spinach Macaroni and Cheeze
Week 6
1. Crock Chicken and Peppers
2. Crock Stroganoff
3. Crock Cuban Beans and Sausage
4. Italian Lentil Stew
5. Halibut in Wine Sauce
Week 7
1. Chinese Crock Chicken
2. Crock Meatballs
3. Old Fashioned Baked Beans in a Crock
4. Slow Cooker Pork and Apples
5. Lamb Korma
Week 8
1. Crock Chicken Provencal
2. Shredded Crock Beef
3. Cowboy Beans
4. Quick and Easy Veggie Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce
5. Seafood Paella
Week 9
1. Mama’s Chicken Stew
2. Crock Cranberry Beef
3. White Beans and Garlic
4. Tex Mex Pork Wraps
5. Lamb Tajine
Week 10
1. Autumn Tuscany Chicken
2. Crock Navy Bean Soup
3. Barbecued Beef in a Pot
4. Creamy Mexican Crock Pork Stew
5: Crock Cajun Turkey

Volume 3

Week 1
1. Carolina Crock Chicken,
2. Crock Beef and Veggie Soup
3. Sweet and Sour Cabbage
4. Russian Chicken
5. Cranberry Chipotle Beef
Week 2
1. Chicken Osso Buco
2. Slow Cooker Cabbage and Beef Stew
3. Sour Cream Pork Chops
4. Nawlins Jambalaya
5. Barbecued Brisket
Week 3
1. Crock Cooker Chicken Curry with Quinoa
2. Taco Chili
3. Crock Cooker Savory Pork Stew
4. Crock Cooker Beef Stroganoff
5. Slow Cooker Asian Chicken
Week 4
1. Crock Cooker Chipotle Lime Chicken
2. Slow Cooker Shitake Mushroom Meatloaf
3. Lentil and Ham Soup
4. Crock Chicken with Winter Vegetables
5. Crock Cooker Fajita Stew
Week 5
1. Cider Chicken Stew
2. Mexican Round Steak
3. Baked Bean Soup
4. Savory Slow Cooker Chicken and Vegetables
5. Slow Cooker Santa Fe Beef
Week 6
1. Slow Cooker Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
2. Slow Cooker Macaroni Chili
3. Hearty Turkey and Veggie Soup
4. Fruited Pork Roast
5. Slow Cooker Honey Chicken
Week 7
1. Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew
2. Crock Cooker Pasta E Fagioli Soup
3. Hoisin Turkey Tenderloin
4. Hearty Crock Cabbage Rolls
5. Crock Cooker El Paso Stuffed Chicken
Week 8
1. Greek Crock Cooker Stew
2. Crock Cooker Mongolian Beef
3. Slow Cooker Lemon Turkey
4. Shrimp and Ham Jambalaya
5. Slow Cooker Chicken-Veggie Alfredo
Week 9
1. Chicken, Vegetable and Bean Soup
2. Slow Cooker Beef and Mushrooms
3. Turkey Chili
4. Thai Pork Stew
5. Crock Cooker Moroccan Chicken
Week 10
1. Chicken Edamame Chowder
2. Slow Cooker Cowboy Beef and Beans
3. Crock Barley Lamb Stew
4. Slow Cooker Black Bean and Pork Chili
5. Slow Cooker Tuscany Peasant-Style Chicken
Week 11
1. Crock Cooker Chicken Parmesan
2. Crock Stew
3. Crockoli Cheddar Soup
4. Crock Beef Burgundy
5. Slow Cooker Marinated Lemon Turkey
Week 12
1. Prosciutto Creamed Chicken
2. Creamy Mexican Creole Pork Stew
3. Slow Cooker Roast and Sweet Potatoes
4. Braised Slow Cooker Turkey
5. Old-Fashioned Bean Soup

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