The Cravings Cookbook


Food Can Be Your Friend

When you eat the right foods, your body creates the right chemicals. 

It’s an adage we’ve all heard: “You are what you eat.” While that might sound cliché, there’s significant scientific truth behind the statement, especially concerning our cravings. 

When we consume the appropriate foods, our body responds by producing chemicals that can profoundly influence our desires and hunger signals.

But how exactly does eating the right foods help in controlling cravings?

Understanding Cravings

At their core, cravings are powerful urges to eat specific foods and are usually stronger than general hunger. They arise from a mix of social, cultural, psychological, and physiological factors. From the brain’s perspective, cravings are a play of chemicals and hormones, responding to what we feed our bodies.

This is why we created The Cravings Control Cookbook–the food is designed to naturally help control your cravings.

There are other factors involved in controlling cravings too:

The Brain-Gut Connection

– Serotonin: Often termed the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter, around 95% of serotonin resides in our gut. Foods rich in tryptophan, like turkey, nuts, and seeds, can boost its production. Serotonin plays a role in mood regulation and can diminish the emotional aspect of cravings.

– Dopamine: This neurotransmitter is associated with pleasure and reward. Foods high in protein can aid in dopamine production. When our diet lacks such foods, we might find ourselves craving sugary snacks or junk food, as these can cause short-term dopamine spikes.

Blood Sugar Stability

– Insulin: Consuming too many refined carbs or sugars can cause rapid spikes and subsequent drops in blood sugar. When blood sugar drops, the body craves quick energy, often in the form of sugar or carbs. Maintaining a balanced diet with complex carbs, fibers, proteins, and healthy fats ensures a stable blood sugar level, reducing such cravings.

Hormonal Balance

– Ghrelin & Leptin: Ghrelin signals hunger, while leptin signals fullness. A diet rich in protein and healthy fats can help balance these hormones. When out of balance, we might feel hungry even if we’ve eaten enough, leading to unnecessary snacking.

This cookbook has been created to be your reliable guide, providing you with everything—from menus to shopping lists. We’ve streamlined the process, ensuring you can focus on savoring appetizing delicious meals, watching as the unwanted fat bids goodbye.

What Awaits Inside?

– Ready-to-Follow Plans: Spanning ten days, we’ve got you covered with meticulously crafted menus and precise shopping lists. No more guesswork!

– Diverse Recipes: Whether it’s crave-crushing smoothies, easy lunches, or hearty dinners, there’s something for everyone.

Eating the right foods equips our bodies with the appropriate chemicals, ensuring a balanced mood, stable blood sugar, harmonized hormones, and fewer nutrient deficiencies. 

Digital Convenience

The future is digital, and so is our cookbook! Post-purchase, you’ll receive a PDF delivered straight to your email, ensuring you have a treasure trove of recipes at your fingertips.

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