411 on Multivitamins

Even if you’re eating properly, and keeping up with a well-rounded and nutrition-filled diet, there’s still a chance you’re not getting all the nutrients your body really needs. Sure, you’d get a satisfactory amount, but do you really want your body to settle for simply satisfactory or would you rather choose great? It’s not much of a question is it?

Best Vitamins and Supplements for Women

Healthy Foods Best Vitamins and Supplements for Women By Leanne Ely, CNC This is a shout out to all you ladies out there! While most of us are diligent about eating correctly and ensuring the right foods are in our regular diets, we still need to address vitamins (in the form of supplements). It’s an […]

HF – What’s the Deal with D?

Healthy Foods What’s the Deal with D? by Leanne Ely, CNC There has been a lot of hype in the news lately about vitamin D deficiencies. Because our lifestyles keep us out of the sun most of the time (remember, our primary source of vitamin D is the sun) and when we are in the […]