Low in B12? A 3-ounce serving of this fish will fix you up


One of my favorite summer suppers involves the delicious and mighty blue mussel. Inexpensive to buy and quick and easy to cook, I love making a meal out of a plate of steamed mussels. Before I get into the nutritional profile of these bivalves, it’s important for you to know that mussels are one of […]

Guide to Buying Grass-fed Beef

The “best” beef hands down, is grass-fed beef. It’s the best option for a couple of reasons: it’s better for the earth and it’s better for your health and well-being. It’s better for the earth because it produces better soil when you allow cattle to forage for their own food in a pasture, and improves […]

Why you should try to use organic food in your recipes

Around here you see a lot of articles and recipes calling for organic ingredients, you probably wonder why. Sometimes it is difficult to get organic ingredients so my feeling is that you should do your best to use the most naturally grown and prepared organic ingredients in all your dishes that you can reasonably accomplish […]

Nutritious, delicious scallops!

There are few types of seafood that get more squeals of delight when presented on the dinner table than scallops. These delicious, two-hinged mollusks come in two types: big, succulent sea scallops and smaller, less expensive bay scallops. I like using sea scallops for pan searing and bay scallops in soups. Because frozen scallops are […]

Let’s go local!

There’s something happening in cities and towns throughout North America right now that’s been a long time coming. More and more consumers are shopping for local food sources and demanding that their local grocery stores stock local options for meat, produce, and dairy. The local food movement is alive and well, and so it should […]

Quinoa – what’s the scoop?

Organic Quinoa

Everyone is so wild over quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) these days that you’d think it had just been invented. But this ancient grain (which is actually a seed, though it’s treated as a grain) has been around for thousands of years. Grown in the mountain regions of South America, quinoa has been a staple there for […]

The Ultimate Spice Cabinet Clean Out

How many of us have professed to want to eat healthier, lose weight and get organized? It’s almost as if these three things are the ultimate trifecta! Believe it or not, one of the best ways to do all three of these things is to spice up your low-calorie fare with herbs and spices. But […]

Fair Trade – What is it?

Today’s Food for Thought really is something to think about. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, education is key. I encourage you to research this topic more for yourself and decide what is right for your family. “Fair Trade”. You might have seen these words listed on various products in the […]