Buying Food Locally

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Buying Food Locally

By Leanne Ely, C.N.C


Dear Friends,

You know those “shop local” bumper stickers that seem to be the tattoo on the hindquarters of a good chunk of vehicles? There’s a reason why that statement is becoming popular: for each dollar you spend locally, 68 cents stays in the area and used to create jobs, pay taxes, and support your local city. Isn’t that great? And it’s not just the cash in pocket that makes the grade; the environment also benefits! By shopping locally, it costs way less in transportation costs and because it’s local, it often means less packaging!

When you buy local food you aren’t just supporting the local farm, but you’re getting the best nutrition available for you and your family, too. You’re usually buying produce that has more than likely ripened before being picked so that it is higher in nutrition when it reaches your table. There is also a sense of security in knowing who grew the food and how it was grown.

There’s a whole movement afoot to buy local. Even some Wal-Marts are starting to offer local produce! This isn’t just the “cool” new thing to do, it’s also critical for our food safety, plus it tastes better eating food that hasn’t been shipped half way around the world.

And did I mention taste? (LOL, yep, once or twice). But I have to emphasize, there is definitely a difference in taste! It may impact your taste buds so much that you won’t want to go back to the grocery store and instead choose your local farmer’s market or even grow your own.

So, save a local business, save a local farm, seek out places to shop locally, and maybe you’ll be sporting one of those bumper stickers soon!

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