Stock up on vegetable broth!


Dinner Diva Stock up on vegetable broth! By: Leanne Ely When you start making your own stock, you’re going to have a hard time buying it from the store ever again. Making stock from scratch is about as satisfying as it gets. Being the one who purchased (or even better, grew!) the vegetables that you’re […]

Eat your Edamame!

Healthy Foods Eat your Edamame! By: Leanne Ely “Eh-dah-MAH-may.” That’s how you pronounce it, by the way, in case y’all were wondering! What is it? Well, it’s what those of us who don’t speak Japanese call soybeans. But not just any soybeans. Edamame refers to vegetable soybeans that are harvested while they’re young and the […]

Organic Food Delivery

Dinner Diva Organic Food Delivery By Leanne Ely C.N.C Trying to eat local but finding it hard to fit a quick shopping trip in the schedule? More and more local farms are delivering! Hop onto Google and search: “local fresh produce” and “your city and state.” You will be happily surprised with what you can […]