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From Cheating to Planning Treats

by Leanne Ely C.N.C.

It’s the holidays and the temptations for goodies is never as great as it is right now. Cakes, cookies, pies, fudge, candy, drinks, sweet breads and so much more are easy to find around any corner. But it’s not just the holidays when we are tempted. So what’s a gal to do? First lets talk a bit about the mental head trash that happens when we indulge in these temptations.

You’re trying to stick to a diet. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds or maybe you just want to eat healthier. You have a so-called moment of weakness and cheat. (Ever notice how the word “eat” is in the word “cheat”?) Now you feel bad about your choice. You’ve blown your whole plan. The day is a total loss, might as well eat more right? What’s the point? Here comes the binge and the guilt and the feeling of being totally out of control. The problem with treats is that normally if we have a “cheat” mindset we eat too much during the “cheat” and then we continue eating too much later to stuff down our guilt. STOP!

Everyone needs a treat now and then. So lets change our mindset shall we? Instead of calling it cheating lets call it planning for treats. We’re going to incorporate these planned treats into our eating plan. We’re going to set our minds on a positive track rather than a downward spiral of beating ourselves up.

I have a 90/10 rule. 90% of the time I eat healthy. 10% of the time I treat myself to something divine. Since it’s only 10% of the time I make it count! No cheap cans of frosting or packaged cookies for me. I’m talking something that really satisfies. It can be anything you enjoy. The secret is to plan for it and make it worth your while.

When we change our way of thinking from an all or nothing approach we give ourselves some wiggle room without adding too much jiggle to our bodies. You’ve taken the word “cheat” right out of your vocabulary and now you’re planning for special occasions.

Are you planning on having a slice of Aunt Ruby’s homemade pie? Or how about that plate of home baked cookies from a friendly neighbor? Go ahead! Enjoy! Make it worth your while. Savor every morsel so that you get the full benefit of the rich flavors and textures. And know that your next meal will be back on the 90% side of the plan so you’re OK and can enjoy yourself.

May your homes and your lives be blessed as you enjoy all the holiday season has to offer.

From my kitchen to yours,


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