HF – Let Food be Thy Medicine

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Let Food be Thy Medicine

By Leanne Ely, C.N.C.

Eating a varied diet, eating clean, moving around (yes, the e word, exercise!), having positive thoughts, and getting fresh air goes hand in hand with what Hippocrates believed and promoted. After all these years the truth is apparent–what he taught works. If only more doctors today would promote wellness this way and skip the first line of pharmaceutical defense!

But the lessons here are clear–you can do so much to help yourself. You can practice these wellness steps daily by–

1) Eat food that either grew out of the ground or had a mother. Highly identifiable food is what you want to consume, nothing else.
2) Drink water as your primary beverage and lots of it. Filter it yourself and save the planet and your body from all the chemicals in tap water.
3) Go outside, get a little vitamin D, breathe deep and practice gratitude by counting your blessings. Watch how this small practice changes your entire perspective.
4) Exercise till you sweat. Find something you enjoy or will at least tolerate–it will make you feel better and keep you fit.
5) Fill your life with positive, uplifting people. Toxins come from more than just our environment. Be careful who you associate with.

You can talk to your doctor and ask him or her about eating right and what that means to you. Ask for help following your particular plan, to avoid long term drug use if at all possible, and to avoid processed foods of all kinds. You might be surprised to find that your doctor supports you fully in your plan!

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