MOOve over Milk

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MOOve over Milk

by: Leanne Ely, CNC


Milk is good food, or so we’ve been told. But for many, there’s this issue of lactose intolerance that is prevalent across the board. Lactose intolerance shows up as tummy aches, skin issues and excessive mucus being the top symptoms. Both of my children were lactose intolerant as younger children–my daughter had multiple ear infections, my son had eczema. Pulling them both off of dairy worked miracles and gave them the relief they needed. Back in those days, the idea of that type of food sensitivity/allergy was foreign; my pediatrician certainly didn’t help, it was my nutritionist that zeroed in on the problem!

Removing dairy due to lactose intolerance from your child’s diet or your own often brings the question, “what about calcium?” And my answer invariably is, “what about it?” Calcium isn’t just in dairy products but abounds in other foods such as your morning orange juice!

The entire bean family is another place to choose your calcium. One cup of beans contains as much calcium as half a cup of milk. Broccoli is another fantastic calcium source. I love steamed broccoli, but you’ll get the most calcium out of the veggie when it’s raw.

Grill wild salmon for dinner (one of my favorites), and add some broccoli.  For dessert try some figs! They’re fantastically sweet and will satisfy your sweet tooth with just one little bite. Look at that dinner with a calcium-packed punch!

Some people can tolerate fermented dairy, like yogurt or they can drink goat’s milk. What’s your experience?

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  1. I can tolerate yogurt, but milk another story. I use Almond milk regular and because we use fat free milk it is very close and now I can actually eat cereal! THe only problem is that I am out of this habit! I love the new ice cream made from coconut milk OMG it is good! There is also an almond milk ice cream out but not in my area but the coconut milk product are really yummy!

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