Pesticides in Your Produce

By now you have probably read about the “dirty dozen” which has been all over the news for years and (the updated list) recently. The story was about the top 12 pesticide ridden produce purchased in the United States. The study was done on (when necessary) peeled and washed conventionally grown produce. As someone who probably tries to do right by your family’s nutritional needs, this story probably made you feel like throwing up your hands in defeat.

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Listen, I know that some of you are struggling to feed your family healthy meals, and you are on a tight budget, but let me bend your ear a bit. I really believe that by opting for the organically produced varieties of the “dirty dozen” you will save money in the long run. You will reduce your exposure to pesticides by up to 80%, by some counts, thus possibly saving money on your health care bill.

Looking past the pocketbook for a moment, another side effect will be that it will force corporate farms to produce more organic choices and eventually completely do away with the unhealthy alternatives. If we consumers stop buying the non organic varieties they will change their ways. They have to, or their business will die. Due to the short life of produce, it won’t take long either.

Instead of listing these “dirty dozen” as they’re being called in the media, I want to appeal to you that whenever you eat a large quality of any produce, choose organic whenever you can.  And too, if I can make one more plea to buy locally. This is not only greener, it supports your community as well.

If money is not an issue to you, always choose organic when available. Along with meal planning, another money saving tactic is to stick to your shopping list to avoid last minute purchases. If you do this you will be able to afford to buy and prepare the healthiest food possible for your family.

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