What Is Ghee and How Do You Use It?

One question that I get all the time is “what is ghee and how do you use it?” People also ask me “what’s the difference between ghee and butter?”  Well, what I’m holding in my hands in the video above are two grass-fed products which is very, very important.  This is how you’re going to […]

What’s the Best Oil to Cook With?

One question that I get asked a lot is “What are the best oils to use for sautéing?”  Invariably, people ask me about canola oil and olive oil, and while you can use olive oil at, say, 300-degree temperature for sautéing, it’s really easy to go over the edge and ruin your oil. What happens […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Oh golly ghee!

With the paleo diet gaining a lot of traction in the US, I’ve been getting more and more questions about ghee. For those of you unfamiliar with this product, ghee is basically butter with its milk solids removed. Like butter, ghee is made from the fats of whole milk. Buffalo milk is often used in […]