Smoothie Power, Part 3

Three green smoothies in mason jars, shown from above on ivy covered red tile

We’ve discussed protein, and fiber and now we’re going to discuss fat. These three components are critically important in each meal but especially important for your first meal (I’m suggesting you keep it a liquid meal for quick absorption and easy digestability). Like I said, each of these three components plays crucial and important roles […]

How to lose weight on a Paleo diet

If you’ve been following a Paleo diet, you might be frustrated at why your weight loss results aren’t as great as you thought they would be. I stand firm in my belief that Paleo is the ultimate way to meet nutritional requirements and maintain good health. And this way of eating naturally comes a svelte […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Protein Powder

I use this in my smoothies every day and am often asked which brand I prefer or what to look for when purchasing a protein powder. Research has shown that including protein powder in your diet every day can help boost your immune system, promote healthy skin  and improve muscle strength and development. A human […]

Healthy Foods: Juice’s Dirty Little Secret

Unfortunately, obesity is an epidemic among our youth. Sugary drinks play a substantial role. Soda, juice, and energy drinks are among the top offenders. Despite the deceiving labels, the “100 percent juice” and “no sugar” juices contribute to the generational weight gain. One source for this unforeseen problem is how juice is made. Juice from […]